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South Park's Matt Stone And Trey Parker Claim That The Simpsons Hate Family Guy More Than They Do

Although there has certainly been plenty of hit adult animated shows released over the past few decades, two shows that have managed to essentially dominate the genre for the last twenty years are "South Park" and "Family Guy."

Both shows originated in the late '90s and have since exploded in popularity to become two of the most iconic and beloved television shows of all time –- though admittedly, not without their fair share of controversy. Characters like Stewie Griffin (Seth MacFarlane) and Eric Cartman (Trey Parker) have since become ingrained into American pop culture itself due to the incredible impact of these two series, and both shows remain staples of adult animation to this day.

Unfortunately, there appears to be a long-running (and extremely one-sided) dislike between the two series courtesy of "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The two have not been shy in their criticism of "Family Guy," saying they don't respect the show's writing due to the constant use of gags –- much to the chagrin of Seth MacFarlane. Perhaps the most ironic part of this feud is that neither "South Park" nor "Family Guy" can ever truly hope to surpass the impact and legacy of fellow adult animated series "The Simpsons," a series which Parker and Stone say hates "Family Guy" even more than they do.

Parker and Stone say they received thank you calls after ripping on Family Guy

Longtime fans of "South Park" will remember that Trey Parker and Matt Stone created the entire two-part episode "Cartoon Wars" in order to criticize "Family Guy's" style of humor, with Eric Cartman going out of his way to point out the differences between the two shows and discovering that the writers for "Family Guy" are a bunch of manatees.

These two episodes are filled with explicit jabs at the frequent cutaway gags in "Family Guy" –- something which the team from "The Simpsons" appear to hate just as much as Parker and Stone do. "After the first part aired, we got calls from people at 'The Simpsons,' saying 'thank you, thank you,'" admitted the duo during a DVD commentary of the episode. "Because they actually hate 'Family Guy' more than we do, even though they won't say it."

On top of that, the two showrunners also said they received thank you calls from people working on "King of the Hill" and claimed that "Family Guy" is resented across the industry for its style of comedy and writing. That said, considering that "Family Guy" and "The Simpsons" would later go on to have their own crossover episode in which they comedically rip each others' shows, one might assume they don't actually hate the series as much as Parker and Stone do. In any case, there's no doubt that "The Simpsons" will never be as vocal about this hatred as "South Park" is.