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Not Even A Torn ACL Could Keep American Pickers' Mike Wolfe From His Duties

If you're into history and old stuff, but don't have the time or money to travel far and wide in search of incredible antiques, then "American Pickers" is the show for you. For over a decade, History and the show's creators have brought audiences along for all kinds of picking adventures in the oddest of places, educating them on the cultural significance and monetary value of various finds. In doing so, the program's hosts have brought with them a clear enthusiasm for their job that goes a long way in making the series so engaging.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that the "American Pickers" crew is so infectiously passionate in front of the camera. They all have some personal investment in antiquing and have been in the picking game for years. Mike Wolfe, who has served as one of the faces of the show since the very beginning, is no exception. Episode after episode, he brings a sense of joy and wonder to his picks that makes it hard not to watch his televised treasure hunts. Simply put, he was born to be a picker, and he likely wouldn't have it any other way.

For evidence of just how committed Wolfe is to his picking duties, look no further than the time he tore his ACL and went off to work anyway.

Wolfe ignored his injury for the sake of picking

In April 2013, Mike Wolfe visited a Barnes & Noble location in Paramus, New Jersey, for a book signing and meet-and-greet (via Greg2600 on YouTube). It was during this appearance that he recalled the time he powered through an ACL injury to instead get some picking done. "I tore my ACL, actually, the day before I left, and I went to Walgreens and, like, bought a cane," he said, noting that his belief was that he didn't know if he'd return to that part of Upstate New York ever again. Just in case he didn't, he wanted to make sure he saw and purchased all he could before he departed.

At the same time, for Wolfe, picking the highest quality items with the most impressive price tags isn't what "American Pickers" is all about. He's more interested in meeting people and finding trinkets with fascinating stories behind them, as he explained to WFSB 3. "We're not just looking for items. There's a lot of items out there, but we're really looking for some great stories...the stories and the people are really the most important things," Wolfe explained. It's safe to say that "American Pickers" has consistently succeeded in showcasing both over the years.

Rain or shine, torn ACL or not, Mike Wolfe doesn't let anything slow him down. After all, some picks, people, and stories are just too special to pass by.