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How I Met Your Father Fans Just Want Jesse And Meredith To End Things Already

Contains spoilers for "How I Met Your Father" Season 2, Episode 4 – "Pathetic Deirdre"

Shows like "How I Met Your Father" and its predecessor "How I Met Your Mother" are based on the precarious and often mercurial nature of intimate relationships. Love can be an incredibly overpowering emotion that can render most logical thoughts moot. That isn't to say that love is a negative emotion, just that when some people are experiencing it, there is little else that matters, and even the opinions of longtime friends and family members can mean very little when it comes to critiquing a relationship.

"How I Met Your Father" predominately follows Sophie (Hilary Duff) and her circle of friends in the modern day as they navigate relationships and their own lives. One of Sophie's friends and former romantic interest is Jesse (Chris Lowell), though this entanglement is ended when Sophie sees Jesse kissing his ex-girlfriend Meredith (Leighton Meester). However, both Sophie and Jesse decide to remain friends, though it becomes immediately apparent that Sophie and Jesse's mutual acquaintances aren't the biggest fans of Meredith. This has become even more overt with the most recent episode, and it seems as if audiences are also feeling the exact same way.

Fans hope that Meredith and Jesse break up soon

Titled "Pathetic Deirdre," Episode 4 has several different plots involving a book about toxic friendships, indiscriminate couplings, several flights of stairs, and of course Jesse and Meredith. As the two sit in a bar and record a video for social media, Meredith completely dominates the conversation, relegating Jesse to a simple prop. When Jesse finally brings this up, the two have an argument, but Meredith eventually convinces him that this is all for the fans, since they are both musicians with a history. As this is going on, Sid (Suraj Sharma) looks at the couple, seething with stifled anger and breaking wine glasses as a result. Of course, it seems as if fans of "How I Met Your Father" also felt the same way as Sid, and they took to social media to let loose a barrage of opinions.

On Twitter and Reddit, several fans expressed a general distaste for Meredith and hoped that she will soon depart the show. Twitter user @suresnips definitely doesn't like how Jesse is currently behaving, and wrote, "can meredith just go away already??" Others also felt the same way, with Redditor u/loverink breaking down every component of the episode before finally saying, "Jesse & Meredith are depressing, but that's clearly on purpose. It's still not fun to watch, though."

Audiences don't like what Meredith does to Jesse

The above comments weren't the only negative feelings towards Meredith and her absolute control over Jesse. Redditor u/Jordanwolf98 stated that they aren't the biggest fan of Jesse at the moment, which caused u/florentinsch to reply and say that they loved Jesse in the first season of "How I Met Your Father," but this season has done the character a tremendous disservice. They then explained that perhaps the show is highlighting how Jesse becomes around Meredith, which should hopefully set the stage for the two to eventually break it off.

User u/florentinsch added, "Oh wow Meredith SUCKS, Sids Wi-Fi password was not lying ! I really felt bad for Sid, I hope Jesse wakes up soon and doesn't let himself be manipulated into thinking he's the reacher in the relationship." Redditor u/Adamb34n wasn't exactly keen on this episode either, saying that it felt off, and elaborated, "The Jesse and Meredith storyline just isn't doing it for me. It's sort of slugging along and I feel like focusing on them is the only thing Sid's character (which I thought had the most potential) gets to do right now."

All of these comments show that many fans don't want Meredith to stick around, nor for her to continue to manipulate and control Jesse. Chances are, she probably won't be around for much longer, especially considering the fault lines that she is creating — either she goes, or both she and Jesse do. The fact that the two have recently gotten back together and are already fighting isn't exactly the most reassuring sign for their relationship, though it definitely sounds like it will be good for future audiences of "How I Met Your Father."