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American Pickers' Mike Wolfe Admits He Gets Scared Going On Underground Picks

One of the biggest draws of "American Pickers" is the idea that you never know what a given episode will have in store for you. Since the History program began years ago, it has showcased all kinds of fascinating artifacts from days gone by with no shortage of interesting facts behind them. Although, people don't just watch "American Pickers" to learn about these items, their stories, and their price tags. They also tune in to see where the show's hosts are going to pull their finds from since they often hide in the strangest of places.

From cluttered garages to well-kept collections, the "American Pickers" team has found great buys all over the place. While there are some states they've skipped during their picking adventures, the hosts have traveled across much of the continental United States in search of rusty, worn down, and incomplete treasures. At this point, there are few places out there that they're not willing to check out if it means getting to add something cool to the Antique Archaeology store inventory. At the same time, there are some spots they aren't the most comfortable giving a try.

For example, Mike Wolfe has stated that going on underground picks is far from the best experience. Here's why the "American Pickers" mainstay is not exactly the biggest fan of these hunts.

Underground picking can get a bit spooky

Recalling an occasion when he visited a seller's basement to check out some potential buys, Mike Wolfe shared just how unsettling picking underground can be. "Man, I was out there, you know, where nobody could hear you scream, with no backup. It's scary and sketchy," he told Road Dirt during a 2021 interview. Still, just because the location is a bit spooky doesn't mean it's not worth giving a subterranean collection a try. Wolfe adds that some good stuff can await and that these collectors are often glad someone has taken an interest in their stockpile.

As one could imagine, it's very easy for an underground picking session to go awry. Wolfe himself shared one such anecdote during an interview with Chattic, revealing that a seller once locked him inside of a basement and accidentally left him there. "I was down there for like a half an hour banging on the door, and he came back, and he's like, 'Oh my gosh, I forgot you were down here. I came back to let you out,'" the "American Pickers" staple said. Picking doesn't get much more stressful than that.

Underground picking seems to be a classic case of assessing risk compared to reward. Sometimes it pays off, and you just get a little creeped out, while in other instances, you find yourself stuck in a basement.