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Gold Rush Fans Don't Like How Fred's Crew Treated The Claytons In Season 13 Episode 19

Throughout Season 13 of "Gold Rush," fans have been highly critical of the actions and behavior of Fred Lewis and his crew — not only because of their mistakes but because of how they've treated their fellow miners. It's worth noting that fan hatred toward them has been ongoing ever since Lewis joined the cast back in 2019, with plenty of people online going out of the way to insult his intelligence, question his leadership, and ridicule his crew for their routinely low yields.

Season 13 has already seen a few key blunders from Lewis' crew (including a laughable incident in which the crew broke two belts on their washplant), but more recently fans online have criticized them for the way they've treated two relative newcomers to the show — brothers Brandon and Brady Clayton. Fans were outraged when Fred's crew appeared to lend the brothers broken machinery in Episode 18. They would seemingly turn it around to blame the brothers for the entire ordeal.

Now, it seems as though the bad blood between the two crews is getting even uglier, as Episode 19 saw Fred's crew poking fun at some of the Claytons' recent mishaps. That's something that, once again, doesn't sit right with fans online.

Fred's crew joked about the Claytons' recent breakdowns

Season 13, Episode 19 of "Gold Rush" (titled "Big Toys, Big Problems") saw Fred Lewis' crew laughing about the Clayton brothers' recent mining mishaps and broken equipment behind their back – something which infuriated fans online because of how selfless the Claytons have been towards Lewis and company.

"It really pissed me off when at the end of this weeks show & Fred's guys were doing their gold weigh and like little b*****s talked crap about the Clayton's," said u/merrileealex, adding that Lewis and his crew don't have the right to talk that way. "And Chris [one of Lewis' crew] joking about the Claytons ruining their equipment! Has he seen how much damage his team has caused to god knows how many pieces of their equipment. What a muppet," echoed u/The-Scotsman_.

Although the Clayton brothers certainly had their fair share of obstacles in Episode 19 (including an unexpected flood), fans were furious to hear Lewis' crew talk down about the Claytons when the brothers had given them so much help this season. U/Southern_Donkey_3326 pointed out that the Claytons frequently lend Lewis equipment and that the dozer they "broke" was already in terrible shape, while u/wol said the behavior of Lewis' crew makes them seem like bad people altogether. Regardless of how these two crews end up by the season's end, it's clear that fans online are fed up with the poor treatment the Clayton brothers have received.