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Looper's Exclusive Survey Uncovered South Park Fans' Favorite Character Of All Time

"South Park" is known for several different things. Besides the foul mouthed quartet of stars, "South Park" also sports an incredibly robust supporting cast of characters, as well as imaginative creators who have no qualms about making fun of everything and everyone, even if it gets them into some trouble time to time, like when Isaac Hayes wasn't the biggest fan of an episode making fun of Scientology and Comedy Central wasn't exactly keen on letting the "South Park" creators air an image of Muhammad. However, it really is the characters who make the show, despite its scathing cultural critiques and often times crass humor.

Besides the likes of Cartman (Trey Parker), Kenny (Matt Stone), Kyle (Stone), and Stan (Parker), "South Park" has several characters of note like Mr. Garrison (Parker), Randy Marsh (Parker), Towelie (Vernon Chatman), Mr. Hankey (Parker), and PC Principal (Parker). Of course one of the most common questions asked of "South Park" fans is who is their favorite character, and we here at Looper decided to host our own exclusive survey to answer this question once and for all. Surprisingly, it looks like there was an overwhelming response, with one option lording its authority over all others.

One survey option raked in almost 60% of the vote

Checking out Looper's survey on YouTube, one can see that there was over 18,000 responses. Our options were Eric Cartman, Butters Stotch (Stone), Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick. After tallying the results, Cartman ruled supreme over his fellow classmates, and he managed to gobble up 59% of the vote. The next runner up was Butters at 17%, followed by Kenny at 14%, Stan at 7%, and Kyle at just 3%. Suppose we can't blame Canada for this one, eh? Joking aside, the exclusive survey results definitely highlights that many fans believe that Cartman is one of the best reasons to watch the show, which makes perfect sense considering his penchant to act to the beat of his own drum, often to the detriment of all around him.

As reported by NPR, Trey Parker once explained the evolution of Cartman by saying, "I'd say within the first season, we kind of realized Cartman's like a little Archie Bunker. And we were big fans of 'All in the Family,' and we were going back and seeing some of those reruns, and we kind of realized what we had there." Parker continued, "And especially because he was 8 years old, he was kind of free to say whatever he wanted. He could dress up like Hitler, and he could do this because he's 8. And he doesn't really know what he's doing; he doesn't care. He's just a product of his environment." Considering the survey results, it seems like the popularity of "South Park" definitely depends on one particular manipulative and often hateful little boy.