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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Super Bowl Spot Features A Throwback To The Short-Lived '80s Cartoon

One of the challenges faced by the makers of the upcoming animated feature "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" is trying to reconcile all the myriad different incarnations of the little Italian plumber with a version that satisfies all (or at least most) of his old fans. Mario has been around for decades now, and in addition to the countless number of games starring the character, he's also been seen in various other media. Could "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" possibly live up to this unparalleled legacy of heroism, with Chris Pratt voicing the titular character?

The first "Super Mario Bros. Movie" trailer was packed with small details and Easter eggs for Mario fans, and now the new Super Bowl spot for the movie is a pretty good sign that it's at least putting in the effort to continue plumbing the depths of Mario's history for almost forgotten treasures. Ostensibly a TV ad for the Super Mario Bros. plumbing company, the commercial is soundtracked by an old-school rap that will undoubtedly sound familiar to Mario fans over a certain age.

The ad features the rap from the 1980s Super Mario Bros. Super Show

If your knowledge of the Mario universe begins any time after "Super Mario 64," you might not even be aware of the significance of the rap in the new Super Bowl commercial for "The Super Mario Bros. Movie." But if you're older and devoted enough to remember "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!" starring pro wrestler and actor "Captain" Lou Albano as Mario, the rap takes on a new significance as a throwback to the character's TV debut.

In addition to the strong dose of specialized nostalgia, the ad also features the Mario Bros. plumbing hotline number and website, so you can secure their services the next time you require an emergency plumbing fix or princess rescue. You can watch the new commercial above, and a refresher on the "Super Show!" rap can be found on YouTube.

If you were worried that "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" would be neglecting the Mario mythos in favor, this commercial could serve to ease your mind. And the film itself is scheduled to warp into theaters on April 7, 2023.