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Fans Can't Get Enough Of Miles Teller's Bud Light Super Bowl 2023 Commercial

When it comes to Super Bowl commercials, there's a tendency to go as big as possible. Some companies really pull out all the stops so that their ads make an impact and remain memorable even after the big game is over. They're packed to the brim with celebrity cameos and look like they must've cost the entire marketing team's budget for the year to put together. Then there are those commercials that realize that sometimes simple really is best. 

That appears to be the case with what Bud Light is going for this year at the Super Bowl. Ahead of the game, the beer released its ad that does feature a celebrity but doesn't have anything too crazy other than that. In the ad spot, Miles Teller and his wife, Keleigh Teller, are featured. She's on hold on the phone with that ever-present annoying hold music everyone should be familiar with. Rather than wait around bored, the "Top Gun: Maverick" actor comes up to her with a Bud Light, and the two dance along to the music, enjoying one another's company. It's short, sweet, and simple, and fans can't get enough of it.

Many are calling it the best Super Bowl commercial this year

Never underestimate the power of relatability when it comes to a powerful commercial. Pretty much all of us have been on hold for what seems like hours at a time, so it's nice to see that reflected here. Ahead of the ad's Super Bowl spot, many fans have already taken to social media to sing its praises. People just can't get enough of it on Twitter, where @thattugglife wrote, "This brightened my whole day. I have the biggest smile on my face. I love this!" Plenty of others are saying it's the best commercial that's going to come out of this year's Super Bowl ... if not the best ad of all time. Some of the other tweets surrounding it include, "Best commercial ever" and "This might be the greatest commercial of all time....well done."

Others completely knew what Bud Light was up to and weren't mad about it, like @Lindsers30 writing, "Bud light is playing into the right pop culture with their super bowl ad. The Miles Teller commercial is so funny because it's so true!" Sometimes when you're feeling stuck, all you can do is crack open a beer and enjoy yourself with the ones you love. That's what the Miles Teller commercial is all about, and no doubt even more people will fall in love with it when it airs during the Super Bowl this Sunday.