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Will Ferrell Says Kanye West Wouldn't Leave The Set Of Anchorman 2

"Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" did what all good comedies should do — it upped the ante from the first film in a spectacular way. The news anchors are back, only this time, they're moving away from sunny San Diego and onto a national stage with cushy jobs at GNN. As a result, they influence the news in unexpected and hilarious ways, like being the ones to realize people like watching car chases. 

Even scenes from the first are elevated in the sequel. The first "Anchorman" movie features a news gang street war in what's a highlight of a film with many highlights. The follow-up also includes a TV brawl in the streets, only this time, there are a lot more celebrity cameos to be had. They include Sacha Baron Cohen as a BBC news anchor, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey as entertainment news anchors, and Kanye West as an MTV host in the cameo that's aged the least well in the entire film. 

While one would assume West was only on set for a little bit to shoot his scene, Ron Burgundy actor Will Ferrell recently revealed that he stuck around longer than anticipated, meaning Ferrell is probably more well-acquainted with the "Yeezus" album than he would've liked.

Doesn't Kanye West have anything better to do?

2013 was a peak in popularity for Kanye West, so the fact "Anchorman 2" managed to snag him for a cameo at that time is pretty impressive. One would assume West would've filmed his spot and then left to go perform at a concert somewhere. But Will Ferrell stopped by the podcast "Fly on the Wall," hosted by Dana Carvey and David Spade, to talk about the film at large and mentioned how West stuck around longer than he would've liked. 

It sounds like West's cameo was probably only supposed to keep him for a day of filming, but Ferrell said that West came back, meaning he spent two days with the rapper. Ferrell went on to say, "Kanye made this cameo, but he filmed this thing, and then he just hung out the next day playing 'Yeezus' for us, over and over again. Whether you wanted to hear it or not." It's the kind of eccentric behavior West has been known for pretty much his entire career. Ferrell continued, "You didn't want to say, 'No, you already played it for us. But I'll listen to it again.'"

Ferrell and the podcast hosts did the show in front of a live studio audience, and they were cracking up at the anecdote. But suffice it to say, don't expect Kanye West to pop up in a hypothetical "Anchorman 3" down the line.