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The Akrida's Ranch Comment Has The Winchesters Fans Cracking Up

The family at the center of "The Winchesters" have long battled the forces of evil with extraplanar equipment, ancient rites, and quick wit. In the original show "Supernatural," brothers Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) take center stage, but in "The Winchesters," their parents, John Winchester (Drake Rodger) and Mary Campbell (Meg Donnelly), get the limelight in this prequel spinoff. However, much like "Supernatural," "The Winchesters" is still a show about monster hunting, whether it be demons, interdimensional entities, monsters, or Mary Poppins.

Having just released Episode 10, "The Winchesters" have been dealing with a potent threat called the Akrida. These creatures hail from another reality, and they are able to infest humanity and control them through the use of stingers. Victims under the influence of the Akrida typically have a set of three bumps at the base of their neck, which makes spotting them easy for hunters like John and Mary. In their natural form, Akrida appear almost entirely alien, and their hatred for humanity has led them to attempt an invasion of Earth multiple times, though they have always been beaten back, and sometimes at significant cost — just ask the Men of Letters. Unfortunately, the Akrida are becoming a larger threat, and Sam and Mary will have to deal with them sooner or later before the Akrida's machinations come to fruition. Despite the grievous threat the Akrida pose, some fans are finding a recent exchange between Akrida-possessed humans to be hilarious in a grim sort of way.

Fans are loving that one of the Akrida love a specific condiment

The scene in question occurs around 17 minutes into Episode 10, titled "Suspicious Minds," and it involves a group of Akrida-infested humans in a restaurant, eating and discussing their plans. As one of them complains about humans and their obsessive need to deep-fry everything, another replies that ranch dressing is absolutely fantastic. This Akrida then asks their fellow monsters to remind them to slather ranch dressing liberally on the corpses of humanity once the invasion truly begins. It was this line that had audiences in stitches, and they wasted no time converging on Twitter.

@burntryebread brought up the above quote and joked that this line of dialogue is fairly honest, while @DoctorProfess11 wrote, "The Akrida Hosts: I prefer my cannibalism with ranch dressing." Many others also found this quip about ranch dressing and planetary-wide murder to be darkly humorous, with @corinaboo323, @alicesmonkey, and @dw_sb_apologist all saying that this scene is hilarious. Both @Kate8211 and @bookbag09 thought it was great that these insectoid invaders love ranch dressing, and @elisabet_tckr said that they also feel the same way about ranch. Much like the previous comment, @thatsagoodline quipped, "Ranch dressing guy is gross but also I can relate to wanting to slather everything in Ranch." All of these social media posts show off that some fans of "The Winchesters" love not only the irreverent humor, but share the same love of the Akrida — ranch dressing.