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The Winchesters Fans Hope To See More Rockin' Roxy Appearances In The Future

This article contains spoilers for "The Winchesters" Season 1.

"The Winchesters" follows a ragtag band of heroes as they take the fight to the forces of evil. However, one of the show's most antagonistic characters has become a huge fan favorite thanks to her exploits in Season 1, and she can be added to the list of strong villains in the "Supernatural" franchise. Then again, she isn't really a villain.

Rockin' Roxy (Bridget Regan) is a pirate radio DJ who spends most of Season 1 moonlighting as a vessel for the Akrida, a species of interdimensional creatures with apocalyptic ambitions. In addition to playing some great songs, Roxy uses her radio gig to send subliminal messages to monsters that want to destroy humanity. At the end of the day, her show has something for everyone. That said, Roxy also isn't as evil as we're initially led to believe, as her mind and body were technically controlled by forces beyond her control.

It remains to be seen if "The Winchesters" will be renewed for a second season. If another installment does go ahead, though, fans of The CW's horror series would like to see Roxy return to the fold.

The Winchesters fans love the non-evil version of Rockin' Roxy

On Episode 10 of "The Winchesters," Rockin' Roxy finds herself down in the dumps. Granted, she's no longer controlled by the forces of evil, but the memories of that period of her life still haunt her. That said, it seems that many fans love the human version of Roxy even more than her evil side, and she's shot to the top of their list of characters to bring back for more episodes.

"Omg Roxy I love you so much," @starkytower tweeted. This view was echoed by other social media users, who used their platforms to declare their appreciation for the character and Bridget Regan. "[I] loooove roxy. I need more of her," @wincackles added.

Episode 10 saw Roxy showcase a myriad of emotions, ranging from guilt to fear to sarcasm, and some viewers appreciated her nuances. "@BridgetRegan is killing it at Roxy so many emotions in the span of a minute," @5feetoffury18 noted.  Furthermore, some viewers, including Twitter user @BeausCordell, believe that Roxy's backstory further enriches the inclusive elements of the series. "ROXY IS QUEER AND HAD A GIRLFRIEND!! THIS SHOW IS SHOWING SUPPORT TO THE LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY AND I AM LOVING IT."

The fans want more Roxy, and it's now up to the creators of "The Winchesters" to hear their calls and make it happen.