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Matthew McConaughey Is The King In The First Trailer For Netflix's Agent Elvis

When Baz Luhrmann's "Elvis" premiered in 2022, the King of Rock 'n' Roll's signature pompadour and country twang were hardly new to the silver screen. The real-life Elvis Presley, notably, was an actor himself, starring in works ranging from perhaps the best Elvis movie "King Creole" to lighter fare like "Fun in Acapulco." Among the best things about Baz Luhrmann's "Elvis" are its musical numbers, which in some cases recontextualize Elvis' big hits, incorporating hallmarks of present day rock and pop music to communicate the King's now-outdated appeal to modern viewers.

Of course, the storied history of the real-life Elvis Presley is considerably larger in scope than what can be communicated by a single film, still leaving plenty of room for new projects about the rock 'n' roll icon. Sofia Coppola, for example, is currently working on a feature titled "Priscilla," which will adapt Elvis' wife Priscilla Preslet's memoir "Elvis and Me" to film with Cailee Spaeny in its titular role and Jacob Elordi as her husband.

Also upcoming, and contrasting significantly with the presumably serious subject matter of "Priscilla," is a cartoon show titled "Agent Elvis." Rather than strictly mining Elvis' real life for its story, "Agent Elvis" is an irreverent comedy about a version of Elvis that works part-time as a secret agent. On February 6 Netflix released its debut trailer for the series, previewing what its novel take on the iconic performer will look like for the first time.

Introducing Elvis the super spy

Netflix's first trailer for its upcoming animated comedy "Agent Elvis" opens on a recreation of Elvis Presley's '68 Comeback Special, before cutting between various highlights from throughout Elvis' career. Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey, who voices this show's version of Elvis, builds up his character as someone larger-than-life. Interrupting this voiceover is a man in a flashy suit spewing a couple of profanities after meeting McConaughey's animated Elvis, clarifying for viewers that "Agent Elvis" is very much adult cartoon territory.

Soon it becomes plenty clear that "Agent Elvis" will take major liberties with Elvis' life when the King plants an American flag on the moon in Neil Armstrong's place. Then, Elvis begins training to work as a spy, before kicking a couple baddies and rocking some flashy spy gear, like a pair of his signature sunglasses seemingly equipped with the ability to see in the dark. Elvis doesn't appear to be a perfect spy, however, especially after his monkey Scatter prematurely kills someone he's interrogating at the preview's end.

A text description accompanying this trailer mentions that none other than Priscilla Presley is producing "Agent Elvis," so all liberties with the real King's life have, at the very least, earned his former wife's stamp of approval. As detailed at the trailer's conclusion, "Agent Elvis" will premiere to Netflix in March of 2023.