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Amy Ryan Shed Real Tears While Filming Michael And Holly's Proposal Scene On The Office

Much of the romance discourse surrounding "The Office" centers on Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer). However, just as much attention should be paid to the various loves of Michael Scott (Steve Carell). Michael was a bit of an awkward guy, so it made sense he didn't always do well in the love department. He had some pretty clear misses early on in the show's run, but then came the love of his life — Holly Flax (Amy Ryan).

While the two of them seemed perfect for one another, it was a rough go at first. While Holly worked for the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin initially, she was eventually relocated. For some time, she was also dating a salesman named A.J. (Rob Huebel). But through various trials, Michael and Holly finally found a way to make it work, even if it would take Michael away from his town and subsequently the show. 

Fortunately, fans could rest easy knowing Michael finally found happiness. And his romance led to one of the sweetest moments in the show's history, which is really saying something considering all of the cute beats Jim and Pam had. But it wasn't just the audience who cried during Michael and Holly's courtship. One scene had Amy Ryan crying for real. 

Amy Ryan found the proposal scene so moving

Jim's proposal to Pam may get more attention, seeing how spur-of-the-moment it was. The two got engaged with Jim proposing outside of a gas station. But Michael's proposal deserves equal amounts of attention, as it incorporated everyone working for Dunder Mifflin into the proceedings. In the scene, various employees ask Holly to marry them in jest until Michael and her reach a room with lit candles. It's here that Michael proposes but not before the sprinkler system goes off. It's perfectly sweet and hilarious, making it ideal for "The Office."

It's only natural for Holly to get a little teary-eyed throughout the proceedings, and according to Amy Ryan, those were, in fact, real tears. While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Ryan explained, "I actually really started crying because I thought it looked so beautiful walking down this hallway with all these candles and when the sprinklers go off, Steve [Carell] directed this episode, and we did the first take and the water that came out was so cold. And we both made these shocked kind of not-so-pretty romantic-looking faces." She went on to say how production wanted to do another take, but since Carell was directing, he insisted they leave in that first take.

Those tears you see in Holly's eyes during that sequence are genuine, and it really goes to show the care and attention that went into making sure Michael's big moment went off in line with his character, sprinklers and all.