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The Walking Dead Fans' Pick For The Best Duo Is Obvious (But The Runner-Ups Might Be Cooler)

When AMC's "The Walking Dead" premiered in 2010, the fascination with zombies in popular culture was accelerated thanks to Frank Darabont's intense pilot episode. When combined with the dramatic storytelling revolving around the characters, the living dead lore made for dynamic and tense appointment viewing for fans. Of the numerous characters in the series during its eleven-season run, the heroic duos arguably made the most impact on audiences (via AMC). But villains could just as quickly turn into beloved characters thanks to the anti-hero dichotomy the writers frequently explored. 

Through heartbreaking moments and some seldom happy moments, "The Walking Dead's" best duos allow fans to experience the hellscape of an apocalyptic world with the virtues that still bleed over from normal society. Whether it is Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne's (Danai Gurira) collaborative relationship that turned romantic or even The Governor (David Morrissey) and Andrea's (Laurie Holden) toxic back and forth in Season 3, there are several pairings to look back on in retrospect. With 177 total episodes, the pick for the best duo by fans is likely apparent thanks to the pairing's long-running popularity on the horror show. But the runners-up on a poll conducted on the program's subreddit page might be far cooler since they exist apart from the obvious.

Daryl & Carol are the expected fan pick for the best duo

In a Reddit fan poll, the best duo from the show's history was voted upon. Daryl & Carol, played by Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride, won with 222 votes, surprising practically no one. Both characters were around for the entirety of the series – from the pilot episode until the final installment. In addition to their close bond and undeniable chemistry together, this duo was also influential with viewers thanks to their evolutions and journeys.

In the first few seasons, Carol had to overcome years of domestic abuse to fully embrace the empowered and incredibly skillful warrior she soon became around the Season 4 mark. Daryl also matured significantly over the run of the apocalyptic drama, eventually learning to appreciate the power of a group dynamic over pure solitude. But it is their enduring connection together that will live on through the years.

Fans tend to agree, with u/crittab sharing, "I've loved Daryl and Carol since Season 1," before adding how they're the "ultimate duo" before expressing sadness that McBride will not pursue the spin-off show featuring the two characters. U/AaronF2005 shared this sentiment by saying, "Daryl and Carol, then Carl and Michonne a close second."

Carl/Michonne and Eugene/Abraham are in second and third place

Speaking of Carl & Michonne, memorably played by Chandler Riggs and Danai Gurira, this duo is, in fact, the second-place winner. The two received 139 votes, which may be surprising to some, seeing as how the pair's partnership and dynamic were not as long as some of the other characters featured. Carl's eventual tragic death, which had nothing to do with Riggs wishing to leave the show, is an easy reminder of how engaging the relationship between this duo was while it lasted.

With 69 votes, Eugene & Abraham, played by Josh McDermitt and Michael Cudlitz, placed third in the opinion poll, with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) & Beta (Ryan Hurst) in fourth place with 36, and Morgan (Lennie James) and Benjamin (Logan Miller) in fifth place with six votes. The love for Morgan and Benjamin was shared in the comments, with u/raviolioh stating, "I loved Morgan and Benjamin's dynamic! I'm pleased to see them on this poll even though they're not getting the love."

Regarding Negan's pairing choice, not everyone agreed about Beta, with u/ASJ2007 observing, "I'm more of a Negan/Judith or Negan/Lydia."