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BattleBots Revival Sets Premiere Date On Discovery

The Bots are back in town.

BattleBots, the storied series about real-life robots doing lethal damage to each other in a cage full of pitfalls and traps, is coming back to television just in time for summer, according to a report by Deadline.

The new-and-improved series is set to launch at its new home on Discovery on May 11, with a later cable premiere to take place on Discovery's sister Science Network on May 16.

It is the second revival for the cult-favorite robot combat series, which pits remote-controlled gadgets against one another in a destructive, last-machine-standing gauntlet. 

The original series, created by Edward Roski and Greg Munson, aired on Comedy Central between 2000 and 2002, going into extended hibernation until a two-season revival on ABC in 2015. 

The series will feature the return of the ABC version's play-by-play commentators Chris Rose and Kenny Florian, along with sideline reporter Jessica Chobot and Faruq Tauheed as the ring announcer. Also returning for new bouts will be robots from prior seasons, rebuilt with a vengeance to scrap again. 

The revived BattleBots is the latest entry in a tradition of fighting-robots series that stretches back to the British series Robot Wars, which originally premiered back in 1998. Roski and Munson are helping to spearhead the new version of the series for Discovery.