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Boogeyman's Official Trailer Has Left Fans Unable To Sleep At Night

When someone is adapting the works of Stephen King to film, you know it's going to be scary. Such is the case with the upcoming film "The Boogeyman," which is adapted from a short story King wrote in 1973.

The twisted tale features every kid's nightmare — a creature that lives in the dark and attacks children at night. As the original story goes, two children die mysteriously in their beds at night, with their last words being the shout of "Boogeyman." The children's father comes to believe in the Boogeyman, and he aims to protect his remaining child from it. It was adapted into a film in 1982 by director Jeff C. Schiro, although it didn't receive much attention (nor love). Fortunately, the 21st century has offered director Rob Savage, here to give this story another shot. Accompanying him is Sophie Thatcher ("The Book of Boba Fett"), Chris Messina ("Birds of Prey"), and former Polka-Dot Man David Dastmalchian ("The Suicide Squad").

Now, there's a new trailer for audiences to scream over, but be warned, it's not for the faint of heart.

Keep the lights on while watching The Boogeyman's first official trailer

The first official trailer for "The Boogeyman" is now out, and it's as terrifying as you would hope. A young girl is scared of there being a monster in the closet, so her father checks it out to assure her it is safe. Spoilers: it is not safe. The closet door opens with a loud thud, with some seemingly invisible force making its way under the bed. In a questionable move, the girl takes her glowing ball and tosses it under the bed, revealing in a jump scare that a horrifying creature is hiding away, if only for a fraction of a second.

We then cut to the house evidently years later, in a state of disrepair, as other people explore it. There are lots of quick cuts near the end, showing a malignant presence in the house, while a girl is assured that monsters aren't real and a man shows a drawing of the titular Boogeyman, calling it "The thing that comes for your kids when you're not paying attention." Yikes.

Fans are terrified of The Boogeyman already

Online, people are sharing their reactions to the trailer and how much they're excited for the film to come out, while also dreading its arrival. On Twitter, user @LegallyLove wrote, "The trailer for #TheBoogeyman hit me last night on TikTok close to midnight. I didn't sleep because I kept an ear out for Quinn for the rest of the night. So, I'm definitely going to see it." 

If she didn't sleep the night after just the trailer, she might not sleep for a whole month after seeing the full movie. And she wasn't the only one to lose sleep over the trailer, either, as Twitter user @LisaNMatthews wrote, "Just saw the trailer. I don't think I need to see the movie. I'm plenty scared already." There's no shame in that, Lisa. Finally, fellow social media follower @13thoroughbreds is already trying to defend themselves against the Boogeyman, writing, "I have a lock on my closet door. I hope it helps." 

We doubt it will. Better get some more locks, just to be safe. "The Boogeyman" premieres in theaters on June 2.