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Christian Isaiah's Dream Shameless Episode Involves Liam Making Beats With Chance The Rapper

The Gallagher family on "Shameless" did everything in their power to try to improve their lot in life. They grew up in abject poverty, and it didn't help that the family patriarch Frank (William H. Macy), was always too drunk or stoned to support any of his children. As such, they had to fight for their rights to exist while battling their demons. They tried to get businesses off the ground and attend college, but one thing or another would always pop up to throw a wrench in the plans. 

When the show ended after 11 seasons, it's safe to say there were still plenty of stories that could be told about the Gallaghers, especially when it came to the youngest, Liam (Christian Isaiah). He was just a baby when the show started and still in school by its finale. During the last few seasons, Liam showed promise. He was bright and emotionally stable, traits that are hard to come by when you have the last name Gallagher in the South Side. Liam could have made a good life for himself, and if the show was allowed to continue, Isaiah knows precisely what kind of storyline he would want to see. 

Christian Isaiah wanted to see Liam come into his own

Toward the end of "Shameless," we see Liam learn how to survive in this world. Liam initially receives an upper-class education only to get sent to public school, but he uses his know-how to get around this new environment. If the series continued, it's safe to say Liam would probably end up in the most advantageous position out of all of his siblings, seeing as how he's both intelligent and emotionally mature. 

Christian Isaiah thought it would be interesting to see his character dive into the Chicago rap scene. As he told Pop Culturalist, "I would have my storyline focus more on Liam and him growing up and how smart and talented he is. Show more of his style, how he cares about his appearance, and how he hustles to make money to get haircuts and get clothes and shoes to show his independence. Focus on his talents of basketball and his love of making beats and working with Chance the Rapper, a Chicago rap artist."

With where Liam was left off, it's certainly not out of the question that he could pursue any hustle he wanted. Getting involved with Chance the Rapper would greatly show how innovative he is and tie his background into his environment. But with "Shameless" ending after Season 11, we'd have to wait for a reunion to see what Liam got himself into.