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The South Park Fans Wouldn't Mind Being Stuck In A Room With Randy In Real Life

Over the years, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's iconic animated series, "South Park," has earned a reputation as one of the most abrasive satires ever created — consistently offending its audience with crass, offensive, and downright disturbing humor. Indeed, it's nearly impossible to list all of the horrible things that the "South Park" characters have done during their 20-plus years on air, though there are certainly plenty of moments that went too far.

We've watched as Eric Cartman (Parker) fed his half-brother Scott Tenormen (Toby Morton) the remains of his parents, seen Randy Marsh (Parker) order a nuclear strike on Finland, and even looked on as Kyle Broflovski (Stone) begrudgingly murdered Jesus Christ himself in the Season 11 episode, "Fantastic Easter Special." Suffice it to say, the series is made up of a plethora of downright horrible characters, many of whom would no doubt be horrible company in real life.

That said, fans on Reddit seem to agree that there is one person they wouldn't mind being stuck with in the real world: Randy Marsh.

Fans say Randy would make the best companion if trapped

There's no question that Randy Marsh has earned a reputation as one of the worst dads (and, let's be honest, worst people) in the show, especially after his farcical role in causing the COVID-19 pandemic, though according to fans on Reddit, he would make a good companion.

In a Reddit thread from u/DrDreidel82 asking which "South Park" character you'd most like to be trapped in a room with for a week, users overwhelmingly selected Randy due to his entertaining personality and a considerable supply of marijuana. "Ofcourse Randy. Because we could bro-down and then bro-out," said u/SickPullBro. "Randy, so long as he brings a weeks worth of his Tegridy," wrote u/RobinStanleyHicks. Other users like u/G-r-a-g-s and u/WAZZL3 brought up the fact that they share a lot of common interests with Randy, and as such wouldn't mind spending a week with him despite the circumstances.

The fact that Randy seems like the most popular choice might come as a surprise to many longtime "South Park" fans, especially considering the many references to Tegridy weed littered throughout this thread. Indeed, many fans online have grown very frustrated with "Tegridy Randy," claiming that his character has gotten worse over time since the introduction of Tegridy Farms. That said, it's clear that not all fans hate the different direction for Randy, as plenty of them wouldn't mind being trapped in a room with him.