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Gerard Butler Accidentally Put Hilary Swank In The Hospital While Filming P.S. I Love You

Ah, love. One of the greatest emotions human beings can experience. When an individual is in love, little words and gestures can make a world of difference. These small moments often paint a relationship in vibrant colors of memory. Of course, when one is truly in love, it is always a struggle to be away or removed from the target of their affection, and this becomes even more tragic when lovers are separated by the icy embrace of death. The well-loved film "P.S. I Love You" shows just how much of a struggle getting over the loss of a loved one can be, but at least there is often times a light at the end of the tunnel...and sometimes that tunnel is in Ireland.

2007's "P.S. I Love You" starts off with a beautiful relationship between Gerry (Gerard Butler) and Holly (Hilary Swank). Unfortunately, Gerry suffers from a brain tumor and dies tragically, which absolutely devastates Holly. Luckily, Gerry had the gift of foresight, and he had a series of notes and reminders made for Holly that are delivered on specific days and filled with suggestions. These notes are signed with the movie's title, and they all implore Holly to live her life and not be filled with grief or obsessed with the past. However, it seems as if the production of the film had at least one accident. During a recent talk-show appearance, Butler shared an anecdote about an unfortunate mishap on set that saw him send Swank to the hospital.

Butler explains that suspenders can be dangerous

Appearing on "The Drew Barrymore Show," Gerard Butler discussed an array of his movies which included "P.S. I Love You." When the subject of "P.S. I Love You" came up, Butler explained that he absolutely loved working with Hilary Swank and that the role helped him get out of his actor's mind. He then joked that he loved Hilary so much that he accidentally almost killed her. Butler then elaborated and brought up the scene in the aforementioned film when his character was dancing around in his underwear and boxer shorts and said that this had gone on for at least a day and a half.

Butler then spoke about how dangerous his suspenders were during this particular scene and said that they kept getting caught on things because of the crocodile-style attachments, adding that the cameras had plastic shields on them for protection. Butler then said, "I'm crawling towards the bed; it gets stuck, it released. Boom! Flies over my head, hits her in the head, and slashes her head. I mean, I cut her up — you could even see the teeth. She has to get taken to hospital. Literally imagine this studio, and in three seconds, everybody's gone and I'm just sitting there in my Irish tummy box of shorts and my boots and a pair of socks and I just started crying. I was like she's off to the hospital; there's nobody on set." Luckily, this wasn't a serious injury, though this behind-the-scenes story will surely give fans of "P.S. I Love You" a different perspective of that famous suspenders scene.