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Here's Where You Can Watch M3GAN At Home

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For a good while now, "M3GAN" has been the dominant (and only) dancing, murderous robot doll in the conversation. The movie that could've been a meme-worthy bomb has become a box office hit, and by now, the titular character has made it clear that her place at the horror icon table is richly deserved. Even many of the biggest unanswered questions in "M3GAN" seem less like plot holes and more like handy ways to set up a sequel.

There's no single movie on Earth that's everybody's jam, though, so there must exist a segment of the population that refuses to be initiated in the cult of "M3GAN," or simply just doesn't like the movie very much. For these possibly hypothetical people, the meme-worthy nature of the movie may have been a bit of an inconvenience. Still, at least they've been able to console themselves with the fact that, for now, "M3GAN" is still confined within movie theaters, and due to its considerable success, may continue to do so for quite a while.

Or may it? As it turns out, Megan isn't content with the big screen anymore. Instead, Universal Pictures has appeased its creepy creation by unleashing her upon the world.

M3GAN is now available for viewing on VOD platforms via Amazon

For the great benefit and infinite terror of all humanity, "M3GAN" is now available for video on demand viewing. The comedic sci-fi horror's star has been granted access to your home entertainment system via Amazon, should you be willing to pay a rental fee of $19.99. Alternately, you can separate from $24.99 to digitally own the film ... insomuch as you can pretend to own something like "M3GAN," that is.

Granted, the latest development in the saga of "M3GAN" hasn't quite given her the access to homes across the world, since we're still at VOD stage. Even so, this surprise home deployment after a measly month in the theaters is no doubt an effective development in Megan's mission to conquer the planet. Enjoy the VOD part of her plan while you can, for there's no telling when she'll launch her surprise attack against the streaming platforms. At that point, the world will be happily dancing along to her moves, whether it likes or not.