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Where You've Seen The Cast Of The Rig Before

Warning: Contains spoilers for "The Rig."

The Amazon Prime show "The Rig" is rife with twists and turns to keep audiences guessing. The crew members of the Kinloch Bravo oil rig, isolated in the North Sea, fight to save humanity from a newly awakened primordial life form. Season 1 ends with our characters facing an unknown future. A hypothetical Season 2 may delve further into what humanity faces, but the six-episode debut season stands as its own completed story. There are hints of other biological apocalyptic films here; fans of "Annihilation" and "Deepwater Horizon" may recognize familiar plot points in "The Rig." Layered statements on the forgotten workers of dying industries, corporate greed, and humanity's damage to the environment abound throughout the show's debut season. Compelling performances drive the storylines forward.

Per Rotten Tomatoes, audiences and critics are split on the show's plot and on-the-nose social commentary. National World called "The Rig" both "well-directed" and "evocative." However, a mostly positive review from The Telegraph pointed out the show's obvious beats and stated, "The cause of the disaster is both a mind-boggling mystery and yet instantly explainable." Viewers' reactions may remain polarized, but with a limited six-episode offering, "The Rig" showcases taut action, supernatural thrills, and a cast chock-full of seasoned actors. The performers who breathe life into the show's terrified characters lend their collective resumes to the show's credibility. Here's where you may have seen the cast of "The Rig" before.

Mark Bonnar as Alwyn Evans

On "The Rig," Scottish actor Mark Bonnar plays seasoned oil worker and the Kinloch Bravo deck foreman Alwyn Evans –- the rig's calm voice of reason. Alwyn is a student of history, and wonders if what's occurring on the Kinloch Bravo is a force of nature. When young rig worker Barry "Baz" Roberts (Calvin Demba) appears to become infected or possessed by whatever force is afflicting the rig, Alwyn puts himself in harm's way to come to the rescue. Alas, Alwyn's attempts prove futile, and his actions lead to an unexpected twist.

Mark Bonnar has steadily worked on-screen for over two decades. Fans may recognize him from his turn as Chris, the curmudgeonly philandering husband of Fran (Ashley Jensen) on the shocking British comedy series, "Catastrophe" (also streamed by Amazon). He spoke to Radio Times about his performance as Chris and stated, "If I had to play one character for the rest of my life it would be him." Among other roles, Bonnar also played DCC Michael Dryden on the BBC police drama, "Line of Duty," which, per Rotten Tomatoes, is loved by critics and audiences alike. Gamers may know Bonnar from his performance as Edward "Blackbeard" Thatch in "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag" and King Ceolwulf in "Assassin's Creed Valhalla." The actor told the website Flickering Myth, "I'm a fanatical gamer and have been since I was 13 or 14, so Black Flag was a dream come true for me."

Mark Addy as David Coake

David Coake (Mark Addy) acts as the antagonist to both the ancient life form aboard the Kinloch Bravo and to the crew of "The Rig." Coake is a Pictor Energy research and expansion executive who mysteriously survives an explosion on the Charlie (another Pictor rig) and boards the Kinloch Bravo via a lifeboat with two other survivors. Coake's brash arrogance and self-entitlement leads to his narrow focus on destroying the ancient life awakened by his company's actions. Ultimately, he's responsible for the deaths on the Charlie, and puts the lives of our heroes in jeopardy as well. Coake disregards all matters that aren't immediately germane to his prosperity and survival and holds disdain for the blue-collar workers of Pictor's oil rigs –- he sees them as disposable.

Mark Addy's on-screen debut as Dave in "The Full Monty" stands as a far cry from David Coake. Dave is a lovable, out-of-work factory worker who turns to stripping to support his family. Fans will also recognize the actor from his performance as King Robert Baratheon on "Game of Thrones." Baratheon exudes a brash egotism not unlike David Coake's, and it ultimately leads to his demise. The actor spoke to IGN about the nuances of the failed king and said, "I think Robert, he's a semi-tragic character in a way." Addy also appeared in the first "Downton Abbey" film as Mr. Bakewell, a humble grocer who provides supplies to the Downton Abbey estate.

Molly Vevers as Heather Shaw

On "The Rig," the religious Heather Shaw (Molly Vevers) lends support and encouragement to her fellow crew members. Heather is a new addition to the Kinloch Bravo, but her quiet, steady spirit helps maintain a sense of normalcy in the midst of chaos. Molly Vevers, the actress who portrays Heather, plays her character with an authentic compassion and sweetness. For example, when Heather learns of the fate of the Charlie, she implores her crewmates to send lifeboats over to rescue any survivors. In an interview with The Courier, Vevers reflected on Heather's arc. "I think she has a really nice journey through the show, because we get to see her grow in confidence, and by the later episodes, she's more sure of her place," she said.

Vevers has made several guest appearances on British television shows, however, "The Rig" marks her first leading television role. She debuted on the big screen in the comedy "Chubby Funny" and, according to IMDb, Vevers made her on-screen debut as Bella McCall in an episode of the long-running soap opera "Doctors" in 2016. According to the National Theatre of Scotland, the actress trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and has performed extensively in national and international touring theater companies. In 2015, she won the Scottish Stage Award for acting excellence.

Emun Elliott as Leck Longman

Onboard the Kinloch Bravo, mechanic Leck Longman (Emun Elliott) isn't well. He struggles with mental health issues, and in the second episode of "The Rig," his tragic past is alluded to by Alwyn. Leck exudes melancholy, and Scottish actor Emun Elliott gives the character three-dimensional nuance. After the Charlie explodes, ash falls on the deck of the Kinloch Bravo and "The Ancient" (as the crew refers to the awakened deep-sea spores) infects Leck but rejects the ink of his tattoo-covered body. Sadly, Leck's body can't handle the toxic ink now coursing through his bloodstream.

According to IMDb, Elliott's on-screen career began in 2005 on an episode of the British drama, "Monarch of the Glen." Fans outside of the U.K. may remember Elliott from his many roles in blockbuster films; he portrays the resistance fighter Brance in "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens" and the adult version of one of the rapidly aging children in the M. Night Shyamalan thriller "Old." In the first season of "Game of Thrones," Elliott appears as the unfortunate minstrel Marillion, who has his tongue cut out by Ser Ilyn Payne (Wilko Johnson). Many of Elliott's characters are underdogs, although as "The Rig" proves, they don't always have a happy ending. The actor spoke with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland about how he chooses interesting roles. "What excites me most is always the challenge –- feeling like I'm right for something but not really knowing how I'm going to execute it," he said.

Rochenda Sandall as Cat Braithwaite

On "The Rig," Cat Braithwaite (Rochenda Sandall) is the tough medic who's hiding her pregnancy from her crew, and just wants to make it home to her wife Kacey (Neshla Caplan). Cat needs the money from this stint on the rig to provide for her growing family, and she worries that "The Ancient" will spread to shore and kill Kacey. Cat doesn't want the crew to see her vulnerability, but a loving heart beats beneath her stoic exterior. Sandall discussed her experience on "The Rig" with The Herald Scotland, and reflected, "The detail was amazing, the size was crazy. You talk about opening the rig doors and the real weight was there, you're pushing and pulling real things."

Sandall's acting career began with the play "Scenes from an Execution" at the National Theater. In an interview with the CSP Times, the actress said, "It was such an amazing play to be involved in, especially as my first role. I love the collaboration side of what we [actors] do." Along with several of her co-stars on "The Rig," Sandall appears in "Line of Duty." She joined the cast in Season 5 as Lisa McQueen, a member of an organized crime syndicate. Sandall has also played recurring roles on "Doctor Who" and "Criminal: UK" and appeared as a member of the Sith fleet in "Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker." Although she lands plenty of villainous roles, Sandall portrays Cat as a good but tough woman.

Calvin Demba as Baz Roberts

Barry "Baz" Roberts (Calvin Demba) is the resident immature rookie on "The Rig." When we first meet Baz, he's playing a video game and he expresses his annoyance at getting bumped from a helicopter ride home. Arguably, Baz undergoes the largest character transformation on the show. After he falls from the Kinloch Bravo's tower, Baz is near death. His grievous injuries miraculously heal, and the crew discovers he's been infected by "The Ancient." But is Baz possessed? Has he become a malevolent presence? Or is he just connected with "The Ancient" and its warnings for humanity?

Calvin Demba is best known for starring as the earnest wannabe musician Jay in the British teen comedy television series "Youngers." The Independent panned the show, and said, "So much reality had to be excised [in 'Youngers'] it was hard to imagine the average 16-year-old being convinced." Jay's adolescent antics are similar to those displayed by Baz in the opening scenes of "The Rig." Demba followed up "Youngers" with small parts in films like the British crime drama "Brotherhood" and the spy comedy "Kingsman: The Golden Circle." Before he landed his role on "The Rig," the actor also starred as Andy Okonkwo on the dramatic miniseries "Life" which centered on the lives of flat occupants in a house in Manchester, U.K. Per Rotten Tomatoes, "Life" didn't fare well with critics.

Abraham Popoola as Easter Ayodeji

As crane driver Easter Ayodeji on "The Rig," actor Abraham Popoola could have played a one-dimensional meathead stereotype. Instead, both the actor and his character are full of surprises. Popoola plays quiet, lumbering Easter by slowly peeling away his layers and revealing a fully fleshed-out character. Although Easter remains calm throughout most of the havoc on the Kinloch Bravo, he displays moments of deep compassion as he comforts Heather and true bravery as he searches for Baz. Behind the stoic, muscular oil rig worker lies the soul of an artist. When the crew allows the survivors of the Charlie to come onboard, Easter is surprised to see his ex-boyfriend Harish (Nikhil Parmar), and Popoola plays their shared tender moments with an authentic subtlety.

A relative newcomer to professional acting, Popoola won the 2017 Debut Award for best actor from The Stage for his performance as the titular character in "Othello" at Tobacco Factory Theaters in Bristol, U.K. Disney fans may recognize him for his portrayal of George, the mute personal assistant of The Baroness (Emma Thompson) in "Cruella." His on-screen performances have been varied, and never play to a specific niche. Popoola also appeared as Alexei Rostov in a two-episode arc on the Emmy award-winning Hulu historical comedy "The Great."

Martin Compston as Fulmer Hamilton

On "The Rig," the crew turns to communications officer Fulmer Hamilton (Martin Compston) when the power system on the Kinloch Bravo goes awry. Fulmer is the go-to guy for the functionality of the rig — without his help, the crew will stumble around in the dark. Initially, we don't know if we can trust Fulmer; he's indirectly responsible for Baz's fall and he keeps his romance with Pictor corporate employee Rose (Emily Hampshire) a secret. Actor Martin Compston plays the character with a subtle yet authentic heroic drive. The Scottish actor told Digital Spy that his father worked on oil rigs, so he was familiar with the culture. He also spoke to GQ about why the location of "The Rig" lends to compelling television. "Oil rigs are a fantastic place for the drama because it's so claustrophobic. If you don't like somebody you are still going to see them several times a day and that tension can just build and build when you're sharing all this space," Compston said.

Compston, a former professional football (aka "soccer") player, landed his first acting role as the lead in Ken Loach's coming-of-age film "Sweet Sixteen" and has continued to work steadily since. Among other film roles, he appears in the Robert Downey Jr.-starring drama "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints." Compston also starred as Ewan Brodie on the British television series "Monarch of the Glen" and as Steve Arnott on "Line of Duty" — two characters with heroic slants similar to Fulmer's.

Richard Pepple as Grant Dunlin

On "The Rig," the stalwart crew boss Grant Dunlin (Richard Pepple) has spent many years working on rigs. He acts as the trusted right hand of the Kinloch Bravo's boss and the bridge between the crew and corporate offices. Grant believes he has the full confidence of his boss, Magnus MacMillan (Iain Glen). However, he feels betrayed by Magnus when he discovers his boss knew of Pictor Energy's plan to decommission the rig. Dunlin is reluctant to fight "The Ancient," but when David Coake orders him to do so, he complies ... with disastrous consequences. Richard Pepple plays Dunlin as a calm leader who dutifully obeys those in greater positions of authority.

According to IMDb, Pepple has amassed almost 50 acting credits in television and film. Fans may recognize the character actor from his recent portrayal of the father of Simon Basset (Regé-Jean Page) on an episode of the hit period drama "Bridgerton." The actor also appears as British Home Secretary Joseph Obsai in the political thriller series, "Cobra." In many ways, Joseph Obsai is Grant Dunlin's polar opposite. Pepple sat down with MemorableTV to discuss Obsai's motivations and said, "When the PM starts to unravel and the indecision at the top becomes more evident, he starts to think he could be the captain to steer the ship." That's a far cry from Dunlin's deference to authority.

Owen Teale as Lars Hutton

Lars Hutton (Owen Teale) is the resident hothead on "The Rig." The head driller on the Kinloch Bravo, Lars rebels against all authority figures and challenges orders. However, Owen Teale adds dimension to his character — ultimately, Lars cares about his crewmates and wants to do the right thing. He's rightfully angry about his dying industry and wonders if the years he's spent laboring on oil rigs matter at all. In the first half of the series, Lars looks like the "Big Bad" of the crew, but in the end, he fights for what matters.

Welsh character actor Owen Teale has experience playing antagonists who aren't necessarily full villains. He portrayed the bitter bully Ser Alliser Thorne, the Night Watch nemesis of Jon Snow (Kit Harington) on "Game of Thrones." The actor spoke to Vulture about Ser Alliser and said, "When I was playing Ser Alliser, I thought of him as a dark, bleak soul. I didn't enjoy being him." Along with several of his co-stars on "The Rig," Teale also appears on "Line of Duty," playing Chief Constable Philip Osborne on the police drama. The actor has enjoyed a theater career as well and won a 1997 Tony Award for best featured actor in a play for his performance in "A Doll's House."

Emily Hampshire as Rose Mason

Rose Mason stands as a crew outsider and the only North American character on "The Rig." Rose is a scientist sent by Pictor Energy's corporate office to oversee the decommissioning of the Kinloch Bravo. Due to her relationship with Fulmer and her growing care for the rig's crew, Rose becomes heroic and benevolent when it counts. She wants to understand "The Ancient" and convince the life form to alter its path of destruction. Emily Hampshire fleshes out her character and allows Rose to buck the stereotype of the ruthless corporate honcho.

In 1997, Hampshire made her television debut as two different characters on the horror anthology series, "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" She continued to work steadily in television and film before gaining wide exposure for her portrayal of the goodhearted eccentric Jennifer Goines on the science fiction series "12 Monkeys" (based on the film starring Brad Pitt). Most fans will recognize Hampshire from her hilarious turn as the deadpan hotel clerk Stevie on the award-winning Canadian comedy show, "Schitt's Creek." The actress told US Weekly that she felt overwhelmed by nerves during her audition for "Schitt's Creek." She revealed, "I put my shirt over my head and hid during the scene."

Iain Glen as Magnus MacMillan

Magnus MacMillan (Iain Glen), the rig boss of the Kinloch Bravo, bears a heavy burden. He's devoted his entire life to the oil industry and blames his time away from home for the tragic death of his 8-year-old son, Thomas. However, he doesn't know how to cope with his unbearable grief, and thus, pours himself into his work once again. As Magnus deals with the supernatural threat of "The Ancient," he's forced to deal with his tremendous loss as well. Iain Glen portrays Magnus as an imperfect yet good man, and the seasoned actor gives weight to the character's grief sans over-the-top drama.

Over the course of his lengthy acting career, Iain Glen has amassed almost 100 on-screen performances (per IMDb). Although the plethora of characters Glen has portrayed vary in scope and personality traits, Magnus holds many similarities with his most recognizable part as Ser Jorah Mormont — the character he played on "Game of Thrones." Both men are driven by love and a haunted past to exude loyalty and heroism. Glen sat down with Esquire to discuss his role on "Game of Thrones" and reflected, "I really wanted this. I remember saying to my wife that I had a funny feeling about it. I felt like it was going somewhere."