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Solo: French Magazine Spills Details On Mysterious Star Wars Villain

Han Solo really knows how to get on a lady's nerves.

New details have emerged about the mysterious villain that has appeared in the teaser and trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, thanks to a description from a French-language official tie-in magazine.

The masked villain, who appears in what looks like a desert shootout setpiece right out of a wild west movie, puzzled viewers upon their first appearance in the trailer, standing out among the familiar known quantities of Lando, Chewbacca, and Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen. 

Fans of the Star Wars franchise were sent reeling back to their shelves of extended universe material after getting a first glimpse of the character, looking for a clue as to who this new rogue-in-black might be. Now, multiple reports have revealed that the mysterious new challenger is a villain by the name of Enfys Nest, a leader of a gang of pirates who also happens to be a woman.

The information was divulged thanks to the French linguistic convention of gendered nouns, with Nest being described in the text of the tie-in as "une maraudeuse" — AKA a female marauder.

The full quote roughly translates to:

"Enfys Nest, an extremely dangerous female marauder, quickly forges an infamous reputation for both herself and her gang of pirates, the Cloud-Riders."

Not many more details beyond that are known at the time of this writing, including the identity of the performer behind the mask, which has not yet been publicly divulged. 

While Nest appears to be a new invention, the Cloud-Riders do have a history in the old Star Wars expanded universe, making them the latest crop of characters to be re-canonized by Disney's new world order.

Apparently, the Cloud-Riders were a gang of bandits who roamed the planet Aduba-3, taking what they wanted from helpless villagers before Han Solo and Chewbacca put a team together to defeat them. They made their debut in a November 1977 issue of Marvel's Star Wars comics, meaning they've been around the Star Wars franchise for about as long as Han Solo himself. 

All that's left to find out is what Enfys' deal is, beyond that fact that she looks mean. Hardcore as she looks, though, we don't think she's beating Solo in that gunfight. 

Solo: A Star Wars Story will be out in theaters on May 25.