Supercon Trailer Unveils A Comic Convention Heist

Holy merchandise, Batman — criminals have descended on the site of Comic-Con. Er, make that Supercon.

Sony Pictures Entertainment has released a trailer for its upcoming comic convention heist movie, Supercon. Check it out up above.

The red-band trailer sets up the feature's premise, focusing on a group of has-been television stars who get together to decide to goose up their bank accounts by committing a daring heist. 

Rather than being reasonable and knocking over a bank like honorable crooks would, the wayward nerds decide to take out the biggest comic book convention within driving distance, the Supercon of the movie's title.

The four robbers' prime targets are the crooked promoter of the convention and a former sci-fi TV star named Adam King, a full-of-himself blowhard who has the gang banned from the premises. Scorned and separated from their favorite geek passions, the four team up to get rich, and get revenge — for the fans.

In addition to Brown in a villain role, the movie stars Ryan Kwanten from True Blood, Maggie Grace from Lost, and Brooks Braselman from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. John Malkovich, Mike Epps, and Russell Peters also star.

Making his directorial debut with Supercon is writer-director Zak Knutson, who previously filmed a number of documentaries and shorts. He is a frequent collaborator of filmmaker Kevin Smith, directing behind-the-scenes material for Smith's movies as well as several of Smith's live Q&A specials. Knutson also appears in the movie.

Supercon will be released in theaters, on VOD, and on DVD on April 27.