The Roswell Alien Props Found On American Pickers

You guys, you're not going to believe what happened.

So it's 2010, right? Obama's in the White House, nobody's sure if Marvel's going to pull off this whole "shared movie universe" thing, and the American Pickers are well on their way to completing their second season of picking America. America's got stuff to pick, and brother, you'd better believe that they're picking it. "Stop picking that," someone might say to the American Pickers, but would it deter them? It wouldn't. They just love picking.

So Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz — they're the pickers — are picking around the Midwest trying to find some stuff to pick. Frank's worked up over a case of the pickin' yips, but Mike is in rare form. This is episode 12 of the second season if you want to watch along ("Mike's Breakdown").

Mike's picking through a garage when something high up on a shelf picks his eye. At first blush, it does very much appear to be a pile of decaying limbs, but on closer inspection? It's a pile of decaying limbs that might have been on TV a while back.

Those American Pickers sure can pick 'em

Yes, a brisk trip up a ladder later, Mike discovers that he's in the presence of late '90s/early 2000s television royalty: a pair of prop aliens, purportedly used during the filming of "Roswell."

If you're not familiar, "Roswell" was sort of like what would happen if producers gave "3rd Rock from the Sun" the "Riverdale" treatment. For three seasons, the series explored the lives and loves of aliens hiding out in New Mexico. Think "Twilight" but with aliens and more Coldplay on the soundtrack.

In any case, Mike was all about these dudes and excited about the find. "I like bizarre, scary, spooky, macabre, funky, different," he explained to the camera, going on to assert that the alien props "were all those things." For sixteen sawbucks, they were his to keep.

That's not all, either. He bought an old Goodyear sign for $275 in the same episode. You rearrange the letters on that, and you've got yourself a Drag Oyoe sign. That's one of a kind. That's good pickin'.