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Who Plays Omar Thomas On Chicago Med?

There are undoubtedly several things fans of "Chicago Med" should know about the NBC drama, and the identity of the actor that played the character of Omar Thomas in Season 8, Episode 11 is probably at the top of people's must-know list after watching his memorable arc in the exciting entry.

The episode titled "It Is What It Is Until It Isn't" was a very eventful affair. Like many of the episodes of "Chicago Med," there was no shortage of gripping medical cases involving some intriguing characters. While there were several candidates, one of the patients that arguably stood out amongst the rest was Omar Thomas, who reached the finish line of his indoor rock-climbing exercise, ringing the bell like a champ, only to fall moments later, resulting in a nasty injury. He could not remember what happened at the hospital and didn't even recall ever having rung the bell. It turns out Thomas had experienced a neurological issue that caused the fall, and luckily he was able to receive treatment. While his time on the show may have been considered brief, Thomas's time at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center has piqued the fans' curiosity, so much so they may be wondering who played the character.

Corey Cott played Omar Thomas on Chicago Med

Corey Cott is the actor who guest-starred on "Chicago Med" as Omar Thomas. Still, his arguably memorable stint in the One Chicago universe is far from his only acting career achievement. From "Madame Secretary" to "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit," the actor has taken on an assortment of roles over the years, with credits listed on IMDb as early as 2012. The driven "Chicago Med" guest star has played many notable parts, such as a leading role on the Fox series "Filthy Rich" opposite Kim Cattrall and the Hallmark television film "Butlers in Love." He has also appeared in multiple entries for the shows" The Beginning of Z," "The Good Fight," and "Public Morals."

While he made his presence known on "Chicago Med" and during his many ordeals on the small screen, Cott's skill set goes beyond the realm of television, and his abilities have been very much appreciated in musical theater. The Carnegie Mellon School of Drama graduate has been referred to as a "school legend" for his efforts. When he replaced Jeremy Jordan in the broadway musical "Newsies" as Jack Kelly, it got people's attention (via TheaterMania.com). And when he took his talents to the Broadway show "Bandstand," Cott also received praise for originating the part of Donny Novitiski (via Playbill). Looking over his chart and files, the diagnosis becomes clear that his past endeavors on the stage and screen have served him well, and many would agree greatly aided his approach to playing Omar Thomas on "Chicago Med."