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The Office's Brian Baumgartner Has Three Sentimental Props He Stole From Set

"The Office" continues to be a memorable experience many years after the series finale aired, especially for those who watch episodes over and over again. It's no surprise that some of its cast, including Brian Baumgartner, who entertained viewers every season as Dunder Mifflin accountant Kevin Malone, made sure to take some keepsakes when the Emmy-winning NBC comedy concluded its successful run.

While it's no surprise that most people know Baumgartner from "The Office," the actor has compiled an assortment of fascinating credits, including appearances on well-known TV shows like "Hand of God," "Scream Queens," and "The Goldbergs." Fans may be surprised to know that Baumgartner even played a character in "Chicago Fire." While many would almost certainly agree that his accomplishments have been nothing short of impressive, his most noteworthy performance has got to be his "The Office" persona. While the adorably slow-witted accountant was not always the center of attention, Kevin managed to steal the spotlight on more than one occasion, like the incident with his chili spilling everywhere or comically crushing Santa Claus Michael Scott at one of the office's memorable Christmas parties. 

The show may be over, and Kevin Malone may not be around any longer, but parts of his legacy still exist in the hands of Baumgartner. There are a few things that the actor who played the beloved character for so many years kept to commemorate his time on "The Office."

The actor wasn't going to leave the M&Ms behind

Brian Baumgartner's character had plenty of worthwhile moments in arguably some of the best episodes of "The Office," interacting with many different items that were somewhat associated with the loveable Kevin Malone. From his chili pot to his Ashton Kutcher wig to his conversation-starting tissue box shoes, there appears to be a wide range of options available when choosing Malone memorabilia. 

Baumgartner has revealed in the past which specific items he decided to hold on to after the show finished. "I have my nameplate. A football from my desk we used to throw around between takes [and get yelled at by the First AD]," the actor said during a 2020 Reddit AMA session, adding a rather significant third item: "And the jar of M&Ms." The nameplate and football are not bad choices by any means, but most super fans should recall that the jar full of candy did earn Malone a gold medal during the infamous "Office Olympics" entry, one of the few victories Kevin ever achieved.

Those iconic trophies will always honor Kevin Malone's legacy. "I had such a blast playing him and continue to be delighted by how fans react to him," Baumgartner said when reflecting on the success of the show and his favorite memories of playing the role (via Today). In the end, many will probably agree he made the right choice in what to keep — especially the jar of M&Ms, a fitting tribute to the man who many fans would agree was a treat to watch on "The Office."