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Melissa McBride 'Completely Blacked Out' When She Learned The Walking Dead Season 11 Would Be Its Last

It is no small feat to survive over a decade in the bleak and grueling timeline of "The Walking Dead." Whenever you open your heart to someone in the series, you almost beg a walker to take a chunk out of them. But despite the number of children Carol (Melissa McBride) has lost — biological and adopted — she is still only one of two characters that have lasted since Season 1.

She and Daryl (Norman Reedus) have continued with often only each other for support after the deaths of many of their friends. Both have undergone miles of character development throughout the heartbreaking moments of the series. Carol was once a demure housewife but became one of the show's most capable and trustworthy characters. Daryl was on the opposite side of the emotional spectrum, only caring for his brother Merle (Michael Rooker) before finally accepting that he was a valued and beloved part of the group. Daryl and Carol could have gone on forever and may have if the spin-off had gone down differently. But even though McBride is taking a little vacation from her most well-known character, finding out that "The Walking Dead" was finally coming to an end was a shock.

None of the cast saw the end coming

As Carol, Melissa McBride has gone through some of the most harrowing events of the series. She survives abuse in her marriage, the deaths of many children, and the loss of some of the best people she has come to know. But still, there was one thing that took McBride by surprise. At the time of her interview with Insider, the actor was still involved with the Daryl spin-off co-starring Norman Reedus. But getting the call that Season 11 would be curtains for "The Walking Dead" was not something she was prepared for.

"I had a blackout," McBride confessed when pressed about her initial reaction. "I just, I completely blacked out. I was outside sitting on the deck, got a call, and heard [the news]. I was just stunned." Reedus also admitted to being caught off guard. He was one of the first people to learn of the flagship show ending. Questions arose concerning how the series could wrap up all the characters in a season. And though there are many threads for Daryl left in the air, his resolution with Carol was one of the most moving.

In the series' final episode, Daryl and Carol part ways, telling each other, "I love you." Not only was this a faithful in-character reaction for two people who have been to hell and back for each other, but a heavy goodbye to the series that started it all.

It's only goodbye for now

The resonance in Carol and Daryl's final scene is undeniable. At one time, there was news that the two would continue "The Walking Dead" journey together in a series that is now credited as "The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon" (via IMDb). Entertainment Weekly published a statement from AMC stating that Melissa McBride had to back away because of relocation to Europe. This news broke before the final episode aired, giving even more weight to the goodbye between the two fan-favorite characters. When Entertainment Weekly interviewed McBride after the airing, she was the first to acknowledge how much that scene hit her emotionally.

"Filming that scene by the lake with Norman was the most difficult scene on this show that I've ever had to get myself through," McBride stated. "It was an absolute mixed bag of Carol and Melissa. I knew going in that it was going to be difficult ... those words on the page, the first of our last two scenes together, the impending finality was feeling very real." McBride's inability to join Reedus in the new series added another facet of heartache to the already powerful scene. But even though the actor may not be able to join her best friend in the upcoming spin-off, that may not be a decisive end to Carol. AMC's statement stressed that Carol has a place in the universe, and hopefully, we will see her in some capacity soon.