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Mark Hamill Keeps Props From Every Star Wars Film

The "Star Wars" franchise is arguably one of the most beloved properties in all of popular culture. Perhaps one big reason for its enduring popularity is the series' iconic characters, like Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker. Luke had an incredible arc, from humble beginnings as a farm boy on Tatooine to Jedi savior who helps take down the Empire to an angry, bitter Jedi master. And while the latter part of his arc didn't exactly endear itself to every single fan in the world, the character remains popular thanks in big part to Hamill's performance.

Still, even beyond the characters, some of the coolest aspects of "Star Wars" are its various fictional technological devices and costume design. Basically, the props in "Star Wars" are a lot of fun, so much so that, as of 2021, merchandising sales had skyrocketed to over $42 billion for the franchise alone (per OnQ Solutions). But it's not just fans who love the various props from the world. Hamill has apparently kept props from every single "Star Wars" movie he ever worked on.

Hamill kept his boots and the Stormtrooper helmet from the first Star Wars

During an AMA on Reddit in 2014, Mark Hamill was asked if he was able to keep any props from the "Star Wars" films he worked on and, as it turned out, he was able to keep more than a few items. From the first film, he kept the pair of boots that Luke wears throughout the film (after asking, of course) as well as the Stormtrooper helmet he wore during the rescue of Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher).

"I kept something from each film," Hamill said. "From the first I kept my boots. I had to ask for them, I didn't just take them! I kept the stormtrooper helmet that I rescued Princess Leia in. The ones that were commercially made last much longer. I have little bits and pieces from each of the movies."

It's not exactly anything new for actors and crew members to take home props from the films they work on, but it's especially encouraging to know that Hamill enjoyed his time so much that he kept props from every single "Star Wars" film. In the answer, Hamill also clarified that he has no plans to ever sell any of the props he took home with him, and it's easy to see why — especially given just how massive and enduringly popular the franchise has become since the time of the original films.