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The Watchful Eye Trailer Promises Freeform Viewers Mystery And Murder In The Heart Of Manhattan

2023 is now in full swing, and the television scene is already heating up. While streaming is still very much the dominant method of enjoying long-form small-screen entertainment (especially since some streaming services are so cheap), there's still a lot going on in the world of cable. For instance, Freeform is revving up for the release of a new series called "The Watchful Eye": a murder mystery full of suspense, tension, and drama, all within the heart of Manhattan, New York. It stars Mariel Molino as Elena Santos, who gets a job working for an affluent family as a live-in nanny and swiftly finds her life turned upside-down by her new gig.

In addition to Molino, "The Watchful Eye" features the likes of Jon-Michael Ecker, Amy Acker, Aliyah Royale, and several other strong acting talents. Audiences will get to see them do what they do best in front of the camera for a total of 10 episodes, according to IMDb, with the first season slated to kick off on January 30, 2023. Otherwise, Freeform hasn't let much else slip about this upcoming series, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. For a program devoted to mysteries and the actions of seemingly shady individuals, knowing as little as possible going into it is arguably the best way to go.

Although, for those eager to see anything related to "The Watchful Eye" that they can, Freeform has released a trailer to drum up some hype.

The Watchful Eye seems to be a tense, eyebrow-raising watch

The inaugural trailer for "The Watchful Eye" hit YouTube on January 11, 2023, and it certainly doesn't pull its punches. Right out of the gate, we learn that the murder of Allie Ward (Emily Tennant) will be at the heart of the series. Her aunt, Mrs. Ivey (Kelly Bishop), isn't convinced that there wasn't some kind of foul play, so she seems to enlist Elena Santos to get to the bottom of the mystery. She directs her to keep her eyes and ears open during her stay at the Greybourne apartment building, just in case she happens to see or hear something that could incriminate the individual — or individuals — responsible.

As Santos attempts to learn who made eight figures off of Ward's death and likely orchestrated the entire thing, it's revealed that she's harboring some secrets herself. She's having strange dreams relating to her time at the Greybourne, and she's interested in getting rich off of the family behind the complex as well. Her partner-in-crime is revealed to be Scott Macedo (Ecker), and he seems intent on ensuring Santos makes it through without their plan falling to pieces before they can get ahold of their payday. Can she do so with Ward's family breathing down her neck and the Greybourne's unsettling energy constantly on her mind?

If the debut season of "The Watchful Eye" is half as good as the first trailer, it could definitely be in the running to join the list of the best mystery shows of all time.