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Antony Starr Takes On A Different Supervillain In This Fan-Art Of Reverse Flash

Many people recognize Antony Starr as the villainous superhero Homelander from the hit series "The Boys," but one talented individual online has turned the star of the Amazon Prime series into the DC villain, the Reverse Flash.

The New Zealand actor has been in the industry for many years, with credits dating back to 1992 (via IMDb). While it's no secret "The Boys" propelled his stardom to new heights, Antony Starr has appeared in several big-name titles, including "Xenia: Warrior Princess," "Outrageous Fortune," and "Banshee." But out of all the gigs he's had throughout his career, "The Boys" remains one of the most successful endeavors he's ever embarked upon. The series has been a big hit with critics and viewers (via Rotten Tomatoes), earning several Emmy nominations. His character in the series is easily among the most powerful and most dangerous, even though the public perceives him as a Captain America meets Superman-esque savior.

Despite having made such a profound impact on the fans of "The Boys" as Homelander, it still hasn't stopped some from imagining what the actor would look like as the Reverse Flash in a potential cinematic endeavor, possibly in the DC universe. The villainous persona first introduced in "The Flash #193" in 1963 (via DC Fandom) is widely considered to be the devious arch-nemesis of the hero known as the Flash and one of the fastest speedsters in the entire lore of DC comics. He definitely has a lot in common with Homelander, and one fan has rendered what Starr might look like as the diabolical DC metahuman.

Antony Starr looks downright diabolical as Reverse Flash

Rumors of the Reverse Flash as one of the villains in the upcoming 2023 "Flash" movie have been out for some time, but with nothing confirmed, there is plenty of room to speculate on potential players in Hollywood that could take on the role. User ApexForm took things a step further and posted on Instagram his intriguing depiction of what Antony Starr would look like portraying the Reverse Flash in a potential DC movie. Many users commented on their support of the idea of Starr playing the part and on the well-crafted creation made by its designer. One person wrote, "DEAR GOD YES." Another stated, "I can see this happening," and someone else posted, "He would make a great Reverse Flash now that u mention it!!!"

Starr would arguably make an excellent addition to the DC Universe. He already has ample experience headlining a popular comic-book-based property in a substantial and complex role with this tenure as Homelander on "The Boys," thus making him a strong candidate for any evildoer DC has to offer, including Reverse Flash. This isn't the first time people online have conjured up Antony Starr dressed as the infamous Flash villain, and he isn't the only member of the cast of "The Boys" that has been reimagined as one of the many intriguing personas from DC comics. Someone even believes Antony Starr could be a decent Superman, and with Henry Cavill no longer occupying the role of Man of Steel, there is no shortage of options for "The Boys" star to take on should he decide to suit up for DC on the big screen at some point in the future.