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The Futuristic Bubble Car That Cost American Pickers' Mike Wolfe $75,000

"American Pickers" is all about taking a look into the past. Mike Wolfe and his co-host drive all over the United States searching for the next big score. They'll go from one state to the next and search through people's garages, sheds, and backyards to see what valuables they come across. While most people would look at the stuff and not give it a second thought, Wolfe knows there's value in pretty much anything, and he's willing to shell out some big bucks to bring back items to his shop. 

While most of the antiques Wolfe comes across are relics of the past, one item was a glimpse into the future. He's spent a lot of money to get his hands on rare cars and motorcycles, but the bubble car found in Season 23's "Big Bucks Bubbles" was unlike anything he had come across before. And he wasn't afraid to put down some serious cash to get it. 

Mike Wolfe tried to negotiate, but the seller wouldn't budge

Mike Wolfe discovers a real find while on a trip out with Danielle Colby. While it looks like something Homer Simpson might design, these bubble cars had a real novelty to them back in the day. They represented the future of automobiles, but of course, the industry went in a different direction, and these days, they can be hard to come by. 

For one to go on the market was a major opportunity for Wolfe and Colby. Naturally, the vehicle would require some tender love and care to get it fully restored. But there's little doubt there would be a collector out there who would jump at the chance to buy the thing. The seller wants to let it go for $75,000, but Wolfe's looking for something a little lower. He offers $65,000, but the seller doesn't move on his price at all. 

Wolfe keeps the negotiation going, but the seller isn't having it. At last, they settle on a deal. Wolfe will pay $75,000 for the car, provided the seller is able to transport it to Tennessee. Everyone winds up happy in the end ... except maybe for Wolfe's wallet.