Gold Rush Fans Have A Lot To Say About Warren Lately

Prospecting and mining gold can be quite an arduous affair that isn't for the faint of heart. Gold has long motivated humanity to plunge into the unknown in the pursuit of the precious mineral resource, which is probably why the "Gold Rush" television franchise has proven to be so popular. Originally premiering in 2010, the first season of "Gold Rush" focused on remote and arctic mining locations, but since then, "Gold Rush" has created an entire array of spin-offs that have seen crews mine for gold all over the world.

Currently in Season 13, "Gold Rush" has several teams competing against each other for the most massive gold haul, and fan-favorite Parker Schnabel is currently in the lead as of the time of this writing, whereas the Clayton brothers, Brady and Brandon, are struggling a bit to find proper footing. This could be due to their chosen gold site, which has required them to create their very own road to get there. Luckily for the Claytons, one of their team members, Warren Binnie, has proven to be an exceptionally valuable worker who is resourceful and dedicated to the mutual pursuit of gold. On account of Warren's work effort and quick thinking, fans of "Gold Rush" have begun to have some conversations about him, and they certainly have some strong opinions.

Fans would love to hire Warren

So far, the Clayton brothers' site has been plagued with road construction expenses that will cost the group $50,000, as well as engine issues with their equipment. Luckily, Warren Binnie was able to come up with a workaround for the issues involving a malfunctioning conveyor belt, and Warren even volunteered to stay and make sure that the gold mining operation remained functional. It was this dedication that fans absolutely adored about Warren, with users on social media expressing their thoughts. Over on Reddit, u/massbeerhole started a thread about how Warren is a rock star on "Gold Rush," and wrote, "Dude is working alone while the Claytons are gone, keeping the mine alive. Guys like him are worth so much more than they're paid. Amazing worker, nothing short of impressed with him. Glad to see the Clayton bros getting air time."

Others on Reddit also shared the same thoughts, with u/thelosttribe and u/jaxbravesfan saying that Warren is a great guy to have around, and u/Realistic-Produce-28 heaping praise on Warren for being a tremendous asset to the team. Even u/Live8020 joked that the Claytons should just pack it up and let Warren handle the rest because he is more than capable of running that operation by himself.

These sentiments were echoed on Twitter, with @Paul_O_Tix writing, "I think Warren is gonna be a new staple on #GoldRush. Even if the boys can't make it work...which I really hope [they] kill it. This guy is one hell of an all around guy. I'd hire him in a millisecond." With this kind of fanfare, maybe we will see a Warren Bittie "Gold Rush" spin-off in the future, or at least see him featured more prominently on the show.