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The Office's Rainn Wilson Said The Long Hours Could Get Tough

There are over 180 episodes of "The Office" to enjoy, and out of all the characters making home audiences laugh in each entry of the Emmy-winning series, Dwight Schrute is arguably one of the funniest personas from the NBC comedy. While his efforts are still entertaining viewers many years after the show officially ended, Rainn Wilson has admitted in the past that it wasn't all fun and games behind the scenes.

Wilson has a pretty impressive resume outside of "The Office," with an assortment of intriguing roles he has played over the years. After getting his big-screen debut in "Galaxy Quest," the actor continued his big-screen run with titles like"Super," "Full Frontal," "Almost Famous," and "The Rocker." He would also make memorable appearances in films such as "Juno," "The Meg," and "Jerry and Marge Go Large," among several others. He even voiced Lex Luthor in several animated DC films like "Batman: Hush" and "Reign of the Supermen" (via IMDb).

But out of all his impressive efforts, the Emmy nominee's biggest claim to fame has to be his tenure as the beet-farming former volunteer sheriff Dwight Schrute. The oddball employee of Dunder Mifflin has no shortage of laugh-inducing moments from the series, and while Wilson made every side-splitting moment look like it was a simple task, there were times when that just was not the case.

Keeping up with Dwight Schrute's daily comedic demands was no easy endeavor

There are probably many things that "Office" fans don't know concerning the popular series. But one interesting revelation comes from the man who played Dwight Schrute, who revealed that while it was a blast, playing the character during the long work hours on set could get exhausting. "Yes. It's crazy fun. It's too much fun, really. The hours are tough," Rainn Wilson said while answering questions from fans on Reddit. "It's hard being funny at 7 a.m. — then shooting throughout the whole day and having to be just as funny at 6 p.m. But we get paid well for it, so SUCK IT UP, WILSON!" 

It's great that Wilson maintained that positive attitude because pulling off a persona like Dwight Schrute definitely takes some serious dedication, and the hard work put in seems to have paid off well in the long run. Wilson seems to be pretty content with the results, as he has stated that he never gets tired of hearing about how fans love Dwight. "No, I don't get sick of that. It was a great experience," Wilson told ET Canada (via YouTube). "I got to be a part of really one of the greatest TV shows ever." 

While the Dwight Schrute experience may have been difficult at times, it seems to have been a rewarding experience for the actor and those that continue to appreciate the best episodes of "The Office."