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Who Plays Tina On Tulsa King?

Despite everything it gets wrong about Tulsa, viewers of the crime series "Tulsa King" on Paramount+ seem to be pleased with TV auteur Taylor Sheridan's new saga about mafia capo Dwight Manfredi (Sylvester Stallone), who is sent to Tulsa, Oklahoma following a lengthy prison sentence in New York. Once in the Sooner State, Dwight must set up a new organized criminal network there. The show currently boasts an 89% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and it has already been renewed for a second season (Variety).

One character who has grabbed the attention of many "Tulsa King" viewers is Tina Manfredi, Dwight's estranged daughter. A recurring character on the show, the young Brooklyn florist appears in seven of the first season's nine episodes. She's played by Tatiana Zappardino, a relative newcomer to film and television, who's been acting professionally since 2015 (IMDb).

"Tulsa King" may well be many viewers' first exposure to Zappardino, but she's also been seen on such notable TV dramas as "This Is Us," "NCIS: New Orleans," and Syfy's "Superstition."

Tatiana Zappardino also has several upcoming projects in development

If you enjoyed Tatiana Zappardino as Tina Manfredi on "Tulsa King," you'll be pleased to know that the actress appears to be on the cusp of a higher profile in Hollywood, with several upcoming projects set to hit screens in the near future (via IMDb). Of these, the most notable are probably "The Consultant," the upcoming Amazon Prime series starring Christoph Waltz, and "The President Is Missing," a TV movie based on the thriller written by James Patterson and former President Bill Clinton. And with "Tulsa King" having been renewed for a second season (via Deadline), hopefully, Zappardino will return for more of her character's thorny relationship with her mafioso dad.

Off the screen, Zappardino has some unusual experience for a film and television actor. Her Syfy.com bio states that after receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts from Jacksonville University, she "was commissioned into the Marine Corps as a Public Affairs Officer," making her one of the few working actors to have served a stint as a Marine.