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Nicolas Cage Doesn't Suck As Dracula In The First Renfield Trailer

Nicolas Cage as Dracula? Sold — and he's not even the lead. We've got the first trailer for "Renfield," the vampire film starring Nicholas Holt as the titular character. The sycophantic flick puts Dracula's right-hand man in the spotlight for once, but the setting is also shaken up a bit. We'll see the story of the toxic duo in the modern world, fit with therapy groups, gangs, and, yes, Awkwafina as a police officer.

Can Hoult deliver a better Renfield performance than Peter MacNicol in Mel Brooks' most underrated film, "Dracula: Dead and Loving It?" It remains to be seen, but who wouldn't love any version of the spider-eating sidekick? We've got a few more months before "Renfield" lands on our screens, but this first official trailer from Universal Pictures promises a fun adventure film with an R-rating. While it's not a red band trailer, we definitely get a sense of why "Renfield" wasn't slapped with a PG-13 rating, and for this type of film, it definitely landed in the correct category.

Nicolas Cage steals the show as Dracula in Renfield

The trailer for "Renfield" kicks off with Renfield attending a support group, where he mentions he needs to get out of a toxic relationship, which is obviously with Dracula. It's evident how much power The Count has over him, even when they're not together, and it's something Renfield struggles with tremendously. But Renfield is powerful — a gift he was given to him by his dark master. This comes straight from the source material where Dracula would send Renfield bugs for consumption and promises him immortality.

Awkwafina feels slightly out of place and might serve as the comic relief, but she does have a good back-and-forth with Nicholas Hoult. Nicolas Cage comes in right at the end of the trailer, looking nothing like himself as a pasty Dracula, and while he might play second fiddle in this movie, it seems like he's going to steal the show. Sorry, Renfield.

"Renfield" lands in theaters on April 14.