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Dave Coulier Got To Utilize His Real-Life Love Of Hockey In Full House's Nice Guys Finish First Episode

When ABC launched its TGIF programming block in 1989, "Full House," about to begin its third season, became the brand's flagship series. With its G-rated portrayal of a dysfunctional family, "Full House" set the tone for other TGIF hits like "Family Matters" and "Step by Step." For fans, "Full House" was more than just a cheesy sitcom. It tackled real-life problems like grief, bullying, and disordered body image.

Still, it was mostly a light-hearted affair, thanks in part to the funny, dynamic cast that included stand-up comics Bob Saget and Dave Coulier. As the goofy Uncle Joey, Coulier brought a silly familiarity to the series, while also providing episodes with the requisite dose of tenderness. 

For Coulier, "Full House" brings back as many good memories as it does for the fans. Coulier even kept Mr. Woodchuck long after "Full House" ended. "Nice Guys Finish First" remains an especially nostalgic episode for the actor.

Nice Guys Finish First was Coulier's favorite episode of Full House

In Dave Coulier's Reddit AMA, the "Full House" alum revealed that his favorite episode was "The episode where I got to play hockey." He continued, "A lot of my friends got to skate in that show as extras. Really fun day." That episode is Season 6's "Nice Guys Finish First," in which Joey participates in the Bay City Charity Foundation hockey game. There, he reignites his rivalry with Stonewall, a goalie who humiliated Joey in college. The 1992 episode also outs Becky as a secret hockey nut and includes Joey and Michelle debating the merits of playing like a meanie versus playing like a weenie (it turns out the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle).

For Coulier, a huge hockey fan, "Nice Guys Finish First" was a personal favorite for another reason; he used the episode as an excuse to rock the merch of his beloved Detroit Red Wings, just like he did in the show's opening credits. "When you grow up in Detroit, you're a big Red Wings fan," the actor told Post Grad Problems. "When 'Full House' started ... you didn't have to pay all these royalty fees to the NHL or the owners and you could just wear what you wanted. So, I just worked that in and I knew if I wore it in the opening titles it would run for every show if the show got picked up." 

Coulier also joked that the team's owners thanked him for the free publicity. "Believe me, the owners of the Red Wings, Mr. and Mrs. Illitch, have thanked me many times for that."