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Jessica Jones: Marvel Releases Trish Walker's Cringeworthy Music Video

Jessica Jones' Trish Walker is taking the spotlight — and you probably won't like the sound of it one bit.

Marvel Entertainment has released a full music video for a song credited to the Netflix series' former pop star, played by Rachael Taylor, and it's a cringeworthy nightmare for the ages.

Trish spent the majority of the series' second season on a journey of self-discovery, battling her ex-momager mother and her show business past to become a new kind of public figure. 

The radio host/martial artist/Jessica Jones foil has only occasionally embraced her past as a bubblegum pop star, which makes this video — where she goes full dime-store diva on one of the worst tracks we've ever heard — a delightfully challenging watch.

The two-and-a-half-minute promo clip purports to be the music video for Trish's song "I Want Your Cray Cray", which — yeah, well, it's really called that. Those are also pretty much the only lyrics in the song.

We'll say one thing — this video is legitimately hard to look at, an embarrassing piece of cringeworthy pop garbage with production a 14-year-old could outdo. It's also fully intentional, with the video being overlaid with a number of text boxes dispensing handy trivia like "Trish improvised this move" and "Four days after the video was released, Trish went to rehab." 

We've got to give Taylor credit for really owning this assignment, thrusting and writhing and making love to the camera like her life depends on it. Overall it's funny, meta, and unexpected. They did a good job, but boy this song is a rough one to get through. It's Rebecca Black-level

We're left concerned about the quality of taste on display in the Marvel Cinematic Universe  — those guys appear to be into even worse stuff than we are. Maybe their Earth doesn't need saving.

Jessica Jones season two is available on Netflix now.