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The Office: Superfan Episodes Show That Toby Tried To Tell Pam About His Crush In Season 3

When it was on Netflix, "The Office" created a whole new subsection of super fans obsessed with the sitcom. Despite ending years ago, people went back to enjoy the exploits of their favorite paper distribution company or discover the jokes for the first time. Then, the series moved to Peacock, so fans will need a subscription to that streamer if they want to revisit Dunder Mifflin over and over again. 

But Peacock offers more than Netflix. The streamer provides what's known as Superfan Episodes. Instead of being the usual 22 minutes in length, there are typically a few extra minutes of footage cut from the episode when it initially went to air. That means fans can go back and experience episodes in a whole new light to partake in new jokes or pieces of character development. 

That's the case with the Season 3 episode, "Cocktails." Toby Flenderson (Paul Lieberstein) wins a stuffed animal for Pam (Jenna Fischer) to show his affection toward her, but she denies his advances. In the Superfan Episode, we see that Toby almost told her how he felt, but as usual, he got cut off.

Toby tries opening up to Pam to no avail

In the regular episode, Toby hands the plush duck he spent all night trying to win to Pam. She rejects his advances by pointing out he has a daughter he could give the duck to instead, and that's when the scene cuts off. However, in the "Cocktails" Superfan Episode, the Toby/Pam scene plays out a little longer. 

Pam suggests Toby has a look on his face like he always wants to say something, and Toby adds that it's dumb for him not to say what's on his mind. This clearly awakens something in Pam, seeing as how there are things she needs to tell Roy (Roy Anderson). Toby begins opening up to her about his previous relationship, and it's obvious where he's going with all this. But before he can tell Pam how he feels about her, Pam leaves to talk to Roy. 

It adds a nice wrinkle to the Toby/Pam relationship and how Toby really did want to start something with Pam. Of course, it would have been brave of him to say it when he knows that she and Jim (John Krasinski) have feelings toward one another. And at this point in time, Pam's currently with Roy. Ultimately, you can see why it was cut from the regular episode, but it casts Toby in a new light for anyone who wants to peruse through the Superfan Episodes.