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Who Did That '70s Show's Kurtwood Smith Voice On Rick And Morty?

"Rick and Morty" has been at the pinnacle of pop culture for some time now, whether you like it or not. Though the series started as merely an homage to "Back To the Future," it has proven worth the viewers' attention. After finally gaining momentum to air seasons consistently, creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon honored other mediums with their craft (via Polygon). The fan-favorite anime episodes are a love letter to the Japanese style while the highly rated "The Ricklantis Mixup" is a genuinely captivating and heart-wrenching episode in the vein of "The Wire."

And even if you don't know it, many actors of note have lent their voices to the animated series. Sarah Chalke and Chris Parnell round out the main cast, but there are even more impressive guest stars to contribute. Most notable for his portrayal of stern father Red Forman on "That '70s Show," Kurtwood Smith has a habit of playing terse gentlemen with an ax to grind. And when he appeared on "Rick and Morty," it should come as no surprise that the "Robocop" actor did what he does best.

General Nathan has no patience for reality music competitions

Throughout his wild and fantastical adventures among the cosmos, Rick Sanchez (Justin Roiland) often takes delight in flouting authority. So much so that he refuses to join a body of government composed solely of Ricks. But the United States government is another authority Rick believes is particularly deserving of his ire. This long-standing rivalry begins in the Season 2 episode "Get Schwifty" when Rick and Morty (also voiced by Justin Roiland) must defend Earth from a group of intergalactic giant heads who want to use them for their music competition. If they lose, they will be incinerated.

The stakes are high, and the military is sure they know how to handle this problem. Kurtwood Smith voices the trigger-happy General Nathan, who thinks the only way to defeat the heads is to fire missiles at them. So staunch is his belief that he knocks the POTUS (Keith David) out with his gun. Naturally useless in this endeavor, the government missiles prove ineffectual against the heads. The only real solution is to play the game and win over the heads with the power of music. Smith's long history of playing curmudgeonly fathers and villains makes him perfect for the role. His voice is just recognizable enough to be an actor of note and just nefarious enough that it seems okay when Rick blasts him into oblivion with a particle beam.