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The Outsiders' S.E. Hinton Made A Quick Cameo In Supernatural

Author S.E Hinton revealed she had a minor cameo in The CW's "Supernatural," starring briefly alongside the Winchester brothers in the cult hit series.

Hinton is well-known for penning the 1967 novel "The Outsiders," which inspired the 1983 classic film of the same name directed by Frances Ford Coppola. "The Outsiders" stars 80s icons such as "The Karate Kid's" Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, and Diane Lane in their breakout roles, with the coming-of-age tale helping to inspire other Brat Pack classics from the same decade, such as "The Breakfast Club," "Sixteen Candles" and "The Lost Boys."

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the author behind "The Outsiders" revealed the process behind writing a best-selling novel that would go on to define a genre at the tender age of 15, as well as the brief cameo she had in "Supernatural," and what it was like working with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki's Dean and Sam Winchester.

S.E. Hinton makes a brief appearance in Season 7, Episode 6 of Supernatural

In her interview with Entertainment Weekly, the author of "The Outsiders" revealed she is a big fan of "Supernatural" — so much so that she wrote showrunner Eric Kripke a fan letter during Season 3 of the series. Kripke swiftly responded, being a fan of S.E. Hinton's in turn. Hinton was invited to set and became a regular guest of the production crew before eventually making a brief cameo appearance in Season 7, Episode 6, "Slash Fiction," as a victim of two Leviathans posing as the Winchester brothers.

"I got killed in the diner by the evil Leviathan Sam and Dean," explained Hinton. "I'm sitting there in the diner and they decide to kill everyone." Season 7 of "Supernatural" saw Sam and Dean go up against the flesh-eating Leviathans after Castiel (Misha Collins) inadvertently released the monsters from Purgatory. Two Leviathans masquerade as the Winchesters while laying waste to a diner full of people with cameras rolling to draw out the hunter duo.

"When the Leviathan Sam and Dean were wiping everybody out, Jared [Padalecki] jumps up on a table and cocks a gun at me and starts yelling," Hinton further explained. "He just thought it was hysterical that he scared me."

The Outsiders' success gave S.E. Hinton writer's block for four years

Obtaining success at an early age with "The Outsiders" stalled S.E. Hinton's writing for four years. The author began writing "The Outsiders" when she was 15, basing the Greasers vs. Socs rivalry in her novel on real-life events happening around her at school. "I was mad about the social situation at my high school, which was basically the Socs versus the Greasers," said Hinton. "Then when a friend of mine got beaten up on his way home from school, I got mad and began a short story about a kid who got beaten up going home from the movies."

Flash forward to present day, and "The Outsiders" is considered a classic, with many considering Hinton's novel as the blueprint for the Young Adult book genre. For Hinton, this came at a price — writer's block struck the author for four years following "The Outsiders" release. Thankfully, Hinton credits her husband (then boyfriend) for providing support and encouragement, as well as helping to motivate her through doubtful periods. "He'd come over to take me out, and if I hadn't done two pages, he'd just start reading the newspaper. So that was my big motive for my second book — I wanted to go out."