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The Moments Gold Rush's Rick Ness Says Break Up The Monotony

Gold mining sounds like a luxurious pastime, but there are a lot of perils affiliated with it. After all, there's no guarantee that mining in a particular spot will reap rewards. It requires a lot of money to be spent upfront on workers and machinery, so you're starting from in the hole. And finding gold doesn't necessarily mean you'll make enough to break even, let alone turn a profit. 

No one knows that better than Rick Ness of "Gold Rush." He's been on the show for quite a while, but he faced some serious challenges on one season where he faced numerous obstacles just to barely make enough to consider the dig a success. Fortunately, he managed to turn things around in subsequent seasons, thus earning the nickname "The Comeback Kid."

He's faced hardships, but he's also appreciative of the good simple moments that make the stress all worth it. He related one such upside in an interview with Channel Guide Magazine.

The first gold of the season is a sight to behold

Considering all the setup and build-up, it can take a while actually to uncover some gold. That's why Rick Ness thinks it's prudent to take some time to appreciate it when the first gold of the season comes in. That's precisely what he related to Channel Guide when the topic of the best moment of the season came up. He recounted, "It's kind of easy for everybody to lose focus and forget what they're there for and what they're doing. I was seeing that in everybody. It can get monotonous after a while, but as soon as we started sluicing, and as soon as that first gold showed up in the sluice box, I brought my friends in there who had never seen it before and got to see their reactions."

Naturally, the sight of gold helped a great deal to reconfigure everyone's priorities. It's easy to forget why you're doing something in the heat of the moment, but to see all that hard work bear fruit can make it all worthwhile.