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Game Of Thrones Characters Likely To Die In Season 6

The new season of Game of Thrones is almost here, and you know what that means: it's time for all your favorite characters to die horrible deaths. Of course, that's starting to get tricky, given that most of your favorite characters have already been brutally murdered. But don't worry, there are still a few warm bodies left who are in line to get the axe. It doesn't matter what House you swear allegiance to as we guess at who is saying goodbye in season six of Game of Thrones.

Ramsay Bolton

Listen, at some point the bad guys have to start dying too, right? And there's nobody who deserves it more than Ramsay Bolton, the biggest jerk in all the Seven Kingdoms. We know from the season six trailer that the Boltons are going to be engaging in more warfare, this time with the wildlings from north of the wall. Tormund Giantsbane is probably going to do to Ramsay what he did to Rattleshirt last year: introduce him to a very fatal right fist. Unless, of course...

Tormund Giantsbane

With Jon Snow apparently dead and Samwise Gamgee (er, that is, Samwell Tarly) off at college, everyone's favorite hirsute wildling is pretty much the only person at the Wall we care about. And you know what happens to people we care about in Game of Thrones! Even though there's no legitimate way a cream puff like Ramsay Bolton could ever take out Tormund, we have a feeling something sneaky and underhanded will lead to the demise of Giantsbane. Here's hoping we're wrong.

Ser Alliser Thorne

While there are very few people at the Wall we care about any more, there's one person left there who we really hate: Ser Alliser Thorne. If Stannis were still alive, you can be sure Thorne would be burning at the stake in short order for betraying and murdering his sworn liege lord, Jon Snow. But even with Stannis off the table, we suspect Thorne will be getting his. After all, without Jon to lead the Night's Watch, it's going to be up to Thorne to protect the realm from the White Walkers. And that means you can pretty much put money down that we'll be seeing Undead Zombie Thorne sooner rather than later.

Balon Greyjoy

Back in season three, Melisandre did one of her creepy blood magic thingies and condemned three rival kings to death: Renly Baratheon, Robb Stark, and Balon Greyjoy. Renly and Robb were soon pushing up daisies, but Balon has been almost completely forgotten. The trailer for season six suggests the Greyjoys are about to take center stage, and that likely means dear old dad is finally going to pay the iron price. Rest in peace, Balon, as you won't really be missed by anyone.

Ser Jorah Mormont

The writing is on the wall for poor Ser Jorah and his doomed, one-sided love story. Last season he contracted the deadly disease greyscale, so it's pretty much just a matter of time now. Our guess is that he nobly sacrifices himself to rescue Dany from those Dothraki thugs she got stuck with at the end of last season. Will Ser Jorah ever leave the friend zone before he dies? Um, probably not. But best of luck, Jorah!

Kevan Lannister

Just about every other disposable Lannister has already sipped from the bitter cup of death, along with a few not so disposable Lannisters. So where does that leave Cersei and Jamie's steadfast uncle? Because he's the only competent ruler and administrator left in King's Landing, and given that his son Lancel is currently at the head of an army of religious fanatics, we suspect that Kevan is in an untenable position, caught between two forces about to have major beef. Plus, he's basically on the Iron Throne already in all but name (sorry Tommen). And we all know how well that has gone for everyone else who aspired to sit there.

Grand Maester Pycelle

Speaking of members of the Small Council who have likely outlived their usefulness, Grand Maester Pycelle is at the top of the list. Everyone who knows him and works with him totally loathes him; he's basically the Ted Cruz of Westeros. Plus, he's being supplanted by Cersei's creepy pet maester, Qyburn. He's managed to skate by so far on the strength of his excessive bootlicking, but that sort of thing only goes so far once the swords start swinging.

Roose Bolton

If Ramsay is the death appetizer, daddy Roose Bolton is the main course. Is there anyone left on the show that fans loathe more than Roose, the jerk who sold out Robb, Catelyn, and all the others at the Red Wedding? Yeah, he managed to hold off Stannis' army at the end of last season, but in his weakened state can he now fight off the one-two punch of Tormund Giantsbane's wildlings and a horde of frozen zombies from beyond the wall? It's hard to flay a man whose skin is made of ice. Odds are this season, Roose finally gets what's coming to him.

Ellaria Sand

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Ellaria Sand was so hellbent on revenge against the Lannisters for killing her lover Oberyn Martell that she plunged her nation into war and probably signed her own death warrant by murdering Cersei's poor daughter Myrcella. It's not a question of whether Ellaria will pay the price for her actions, it's just a matter of who will exact revenge first: Prince Doran, or Jamie Lannister. Smooth move, lady.

Daario Naharis

We just don't trust this guy. In fact, nobody really trusts him except for Daenerys, and look where that has gotten her so far: almost killed by assassins in her own city, and then captured by a horde of Dothraki. Thing is, neither of those groups have actually been defeated yet. Now, Daario kind of has to deal with both of them without Dany's help. If Ser Barristan Selmy wasn't strong enough to take out Dany's enemies, there's no chance this guy can do it. Plus, that seat at Dany's right hand? That's where Tyrion needs to be. So long, eye candy!

Meera Reed

Remember Meera Reed? She was the fierce woman who protected Bran on his vision quest to the northlands. And then, of course, she completely vanished for the entirety of season five thanks to being stuck in Bran's black hole of a plotline. Well, Bran is back for season six, but while he seems to have a lot on his plate based on the trailers and promotional images—you know, the Night's King, three-eyed crows, all that—there's no sign of Meera anywhere. One guess, though: all those enemies Bran is riling up with his mind powers are going to be coming for him. Given that Meera is his bodyguard, we suspect she'll follow her brother Jojen into the land of dead heroes.