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Why Isabel Finch From The Imperfects Looks So Familiar

Fans of the science fiction genre may have delved into Netflix's recent television show "The Imperfects" which follows a trio of three genetically modified adults taking revenge on the mad scientist who made them this way. Audiences met Tilda (Morgan Taylor Campbell) first as a rocker in her band "The Itchy Nips," followed by the ambitious Abbi (Rhianna Jagpal) attempting to earn a spot in the genetics lab at Oxford. Lastly is Juan (Inaku Godsy), a talented graphic novel artist trying to make his way in his field. 

While she isn't in the initial trio, Isabel Finch is yet another person unhappy with Dr. Sarkov (Rhys Nicholson) and his dastardly experiments and goes about taking him down, and anyone else she finds connected. The first time the trio meets Finch is in the first episode when they visit Dr. Sarkov's office in search of more pills to counter the side effects of his treatments. While they don't understand her rage at the time (she tells them to stay away from the doctor), they are angry with him by the end of the episode after they realized the pills he gave were placebos.

Isabel is portrayed by actress Kyra Zagorsky, and with many prior acting credits, will prove to be a face most remember.

An unfortunate transplant receiver in Supernatural

Before Kyra Zagorksy arrived on "The Imperfects" she was on the hit fantasy show "Supernatural" that starred Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) as the Winchester brothers, born to a life hunting demons and saving the world from supernatural monsters.

Zagorsky appeared in the eighth season in the episode titled "Heartache," which followed her character Randa Moreno experiencing some out of the ordinary things after receiving a heart transplant from a deceased athlete named Brick Holmes, who turned out to actually be Inyo, an immortal Mayan god who sought to end his life and did so by taking his own life.

Randa got more than she bargained for. While she got a new heart and presumably a fresher start, she was also given the curse of Inyo which required her to kill people in order to stay alive as part of a deal Inyo made with Cacao, another Mayan figure. She doesn't seem too upset about it, as she eagerly devours the heart of her first on-screen victim, Chick. Dean and Sam are able to stop the evil by killing Randa, since as long as Brick's heart beats on, the curse will continue on.

They are successful, which unfortunately left Zagorsky's character dead by the episode's end.

A scientist in the short-lived science fiction television show, Helix

Kyra Zagorsky's appearance on "The Imperfects" isn't her first stint on a science fiction show. From 2014 to 2015 she was part of "Helix," which follows a group of scientists investigating a mysterious outbreak in an Arctic bioresearch center. A virus has broken out, genetically engineered, and created in a lab with dire consequences for the whole world beyond the small station. While a cure is possible, the scientists who have created the virus are more interested in continuing to experiment with it rather than contain it.

Zagorsky portrayed the character Dr. Julia Walker, who later joins Dr. Alan Farragut (Billy Campbell) and Dr. Sarah Jordan (Jordan Hayes) in their investigations. A twist was presented as she is introduced to Hiroshi Hatake (Hiroyuki Sanada), who reveals that he is her father and has been alive for hundreds of years thanks to special genetics. He has been experimenting to create this virus so that it will activate genetics in Walker's DNA that will allow her to become immortal too.

"Helix" was unfortunately canceled only after two seasons, but Zagorsky rebounded quickly into some of her other better-known roles.

Resilient and crazy Kara Cooper from the 100

Kyra Zagorsky starred as Kara Cooper from "the 100," a third-generation farmer born on the Ark who was in charge of keeping food for the bunker. "The 100" follows a futuristic society where the remainder of humanity is living on a space station called the Ark that is slowly running out of resources. In dire need and out of desperation, a group of 100 delinquents and troublemakers from their society are sent to Earth to scope out its conditions and to determine whether humanity will be able to return to it.

With people getting desperate, the attitude tends to border on "every man for himself," which isn't too different from Kara Cooper's philosophy. While she's a caring leader, she is only concerned with the future of herself and her people and doesn't really care about the consequences and what could happen to those she leaves out. Going against Octavia's wishes (Marie Avgeropoulos), Cooper barricaded the food and kept it just for her people alone, leaving the others to starve.

Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) and Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) helped Kara meet an early demise with parasitic worms, but audiences were able to see her all throughout season 5 as a promising protagonist.

Kyra Zagorsky is just getting started, and has strong potential to amaze fans in many of her roles.