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Getting An Internet Connection On Gold Rush Is A Brutal Task

It doesn't take much to understand the appeal of "Gold Rush." A bunch of miners head out into the wilderness with the hope of striking it rich, and while they plan their excavations carefully, there's still a fair amount of luck involved. After all, there's no guarantee precisely how much gold they'll dig up, so the exact amount of money they stand to make varies greatly. It makes for great drama, and the take-home salary is only the beginning. 

It requires a certain type of personality to do well out in the wilderness for extended periods of time, and suffice it to say, sometimes those personalities clash. It's not unheard of for verbal arguments or even fights to break out on "Gold Rush." And something that could easily add to those heightened emotions in the field? Lack of internet connection. 

Several years back, Bree Harrison of Parker Schnabel's crew took to Reddit to answer questions, and she made it clear that it naturally isn't always easy to get a strong signal in the middle of nowhere. 

Bree Harrison says the internet connection on Gold Rush is 'brutal'

Bree Harrison did a Reddit AMA a few years ago where she was asked all kinds of questions about her experiences on "Gold Rush." Naturally, she had a lot to talk about, from spending time with her dogs between filming to dealing with the boredom between digs. She was also asked about how she keeps in touch with the outside world beyond the Yukon without a stable internet connection. 

Harrison responded, "It's so brutal. Satellite internet, and most nights it doesn't even work. If more than a couple people are trying to get on then it slows it down for everyone." Fortunately, it also sounded like there was enough camaraderie among Schnabel's crew and the rest of the digs to where she wouldn't get too lonely. On another question, she explained how they would also hang out with other crews between digs, explaining, "We do have a Canada Day/4th of July party and lots of miners from different crews come."

Still, an inability to check your Facebook status is bound to make anyone antsy, but fortunately, it seems as though Harrison managed to persevere.