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Wednesday Fan Spots A Shocking Fester Detail That Calls Back To The 1960s Addams Family Series

Just as black never goes out of style, the same can be said for the misadventures of the spooky Addams Family. Tim Burton is just the most recent creative to tackle the patron saint of teenage outcasts, Wednesday Addams. Played with dark glee by genre queen Jenna Ortega, "Wednesday" throws the titular character into a world she has never been to before. In the updated version of the familiar story, Wednesday finds herself at Nevermore Academy, a boarding school for the supernatural and strange. Though this may seem like the perfect place for her, Wednesday still grapples with coming-of-age conflicts, such as finding herself in the maelstrom of adolescence.

This new version may use TikTok and extravagant dance sequences to make the show feel fresh, but "Wednesday" also stays true to its roots. Nostalgic fans of the '90s films will catch on quickly to the addition of Christina Ricci as the most detestable "Wednesday" character Marilyn Thornhill, as well as Gomez's (Luis Guzmán) penchant for swordplay. But it is the brief addition of Uncle Fester (Fred Armisen) that calls back to a classic detail.

Fester's use of electricity is a clever callback

Christina Ricci may have had a hand in making Wednesday Addams iconic, but the family has had a history long before that. First appearing in cartoon form in the '30s, Gomez, Morticia, and their macabre family made their on-screen debut three decades later. Though short-lived, "The Addams Family" was a sitcom that brought the characters to the forefront of American culture. Some elements of the series carry over into Netflix's "Wednesday," though in a slightly different form. Fans on Reddit noted that Uncle Fester's powers have somewhat evolved since he was featured on the television series. After u/Foxy02016YT questioned where Fester's electrokinesis comes from, some fans jumped in with an explanation.

"In the 60s TV show, Uncle Fester could hold a lightbulb in his mouth and make it light up at will," replied u/centuren. "So at the very least it goes back to pretty much the beginning." Fester's powers were slightly more subtle in the original series. The ability to turn on a lightbulb with his mouth was more akin to a party trick. In "Wednesday," however, Fester's ability is a significant plot point. After Thing is attacked in Wednesday's dorm, Fester uses his hands as a defibrillator to revive the treasured member of the family. This hand-saving act makes Fester not just comedic relief but an integral part of the family.