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Yellowstone's Jennifer Landon And Jefferson White Have Very Different Opinions On The Bunkhouse Scenes

"Yellowstone" leans heavily on drama to captivate its millions of fans across the world. However, that doesn't mean the show is always serious and emotional. Taylor Sheridan's neo-Western series contains some moments of levity, such as John's hilarious reactions to Beth's mannerisms and Jimmy's general dimwittedness. That said, some of the most lighthearted moments on "Yellowstone" take place in the ranch's bunkhouse.

In these scenes, the characters tend to hang out, knock back a few cold ones, and occasionally engage in some tomfoolery. In the past, the bunkhouse has treated viewers to hilarious banter, drunken lasso competitions, and other beloved cowboy pastimes. Of course, this is still "Yellowstone" we're talking about, so the bunkhouse has also been home to some dramatic moments — like the time John paid the workers a visit and thanked them for sticking by him during the tough times.

The "Yellowstone" bunkhouse is a place of camaraderie and unity at the end of the day, and these scenes have entertained fans time and time again. However, cast members Jennifer Landon and Jefferson White — who play Teeter and Jimmy, respectively — have different opinions when it comes to these scenes.

Yellowstone's bunkhouse scenes have their ups and downs

When the topic of the bunkhouse scenes came up on a recent episode of "The Official Yellowstone Podcast," Jennifer Landon and Jefferson White shared opposing views on the subject. 

White revealed that filming the bunkhouse scenes was his favorite part of working on "Yellowstone" until Season 4. According to the actor, these scenes allowed him to hang out with the cast and crew members whom he considers "family" at this point. Furthermore, he appreciates that these scenes allow everyone to cut loose a little. "The opportunity to tease each other [in these scenes] and mess around and keep it light was always so fun on a show that can be so heavy," White said.

However, Landon doesn't share her co-star's point of view. She described herself as an "introvert" who's prone to feeling anxious in social settings, so these scenes are the most difficult aspect of the job for her. "I tend to hang out with people one on one, maybe in groups of 3, but in a whole group setting in which drinking is involved and just merry-making, not really a part of my life," she noted.