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O'Shea Jackson Jr Isn't Running Away From His Hollywood Heritage

Most people in their lives have experienced some form of nepotism, which is when family members are favored for jobs, advancement, and special treatment due to their relation to somebody who carries some kind of influence. Perhaps one has seen a coworker run rampant and without reprimand because their parent is a boss, or perhaps one has gained a special advantage for the very same reason. Ultimately, even the term nepotism definitely carries a negative connotation that often invokes quite a visceral response.

Recently, an article from New York magazine decided to take a shot at Hollywood's recent deluge of actors who happen to be the children of already established Hollywood professionals. The buzz and furor around said article has already elicited retorts from these so-called "Nepo Babies," with some taking to social media to express their dismay. Singer Lily Allen, daughter of actor Keith Allen and brother to Alfie Allen of "Game of Thrones" fame, tweeted, "The nepo babies y'all should be worrying about are the ones working for legal firms, the ones working for banks, and the ones working in politics, If we're talking about real world consequences and robbing people of opportunity. BUT that's none of my business."

In addition to Allen's comment, it seems as if Ice Cube's son also has a thing or two to say.

O'Shea Jackson Jr. vigorously defends his career and family

According to IMDb, O'Shea Jackson Jr. has lent his talents to big-name entertainment endeavors such as "Straight Outta Compton," "Godzilla: King of Monsters," and most recently, "Obi-Wan Kenobi," where he plays a smuggler and pilot who aids in the efforts of the titular character. However, upon hearing about the nepotism article, Jackson Jr. tweeted that his father Ice Cube said in a perfect world, he would play the role of his father in "Straight Outta Compton." He added that he was already in college for screenwriting and that his father does not hold his hand when it comes to his career, so he had to audition for two years to get the role. 

Jackson Jr. continued, "I had to get my ass up and make it work. From the roles I chose. The work ethic I put into them. My professionalism on sets and promo tours. Even leaving HIS agency and goin to find a team of my own. Once the door was opened it was up to me to walk through it and thrive." However, Jackson did clarify that he got where he is in life due to his father's hard work and love, and he would be remiss in disregarding this fact of life. Jackson then rhetorically asked if that is not the goal of every parent to make sure that their children succeed, saying people should embrace this particular outcome and not be shamed by it. Jackson Jr. finished by writing, "Family first. May everyone who reads this, blaze a trail for their family to be able to walk in the future. And teach them to love themselves. To love their family. And pave the way for the next."