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South Park's Saddest Moment Broke The Hearts Of Wendy Fans

"South Park" is known for being a laugh a minute. From Cartman's profanity to Kenny's intelligibility, there's a lot to find humor in. However, like any good comedy, "South Park" knows when to pump the brakes and get serious for a moment. 

Stan killing a mountain lion, inadvertently orphaning its babies, was utterly heartwrenching to watch. And Butters delivered one of the most poignant moments in the show's history when he explained that it's a beautiful kind of sadness when you get dumped. These moments almost give the sitcom a sense of profundity in between all of the fart jokes. 

It can be difficult to quantify a saddest moment in the series, especially seeing how it's had 25 seasons at this point. However, plenty of "South Park" fans would likely agree that the saddest moment in the show's history comes at the end of "The Hobbit" when Wendy decides to give in and make a Photoshopped picture of herself.

Fans were disheartened to see Wendy defeated

Wendy is a voice of reason throughout the utter madness that is "South Park." She's often the only one who knows what's truly moral, and she'll fight to show others the light. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case in "The Hobbit," when all of the girls at school become obsessed with Photoshopping themselves, taking after the likes of Kim Kardashian. Wendy wants the girls to see that their imperfections are what makes them human, but no one will listen to her. It all comes to a head at the very end when Wendy's the only one without a Photoshopped photo, ostracizing herself from the rest of the kids, so she relents. 

A Reddit thread started with a simple prompt, "What's the saddest South Park moment?" By far, the most popular response came from u/81ackWidow: "When Wendy caves and uses Photoshop. It was so sad to see her defeated like that." Many people seemed to agree with them, with the answer garnering over 950 upvotes. The moment also made Screen Rant's list of the top 10 saddest "South Park" moments.

It's hard not to get emotional over the scene as Wendy sheds a tear over the picture. She always wants to do what's right, but after getting made fun of and bullied by everyone, including Kanye West, she doesn't see any other option. Such moments are some of the best parts of "South Park," and hopefully, there are plenty more of them to come.