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Blue Bloods Felt Like A Different Show To Vanessa Ray After Eddie And Jamie Got Together

"Blue Bloods" is a long-running procedural on CBS that's managed to keep things fresh for fans over a decade into its run. The basic premise of the show has remained consistent throughout all of that time. The central focus of the series is the Reagan family, most of whom work in law enforcement to some capacity. Across the show, we see how the Reagans interact with others and get used to having different people function as allies and enemies.

Season 4 saw a huge shake-up in the cast when Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) got a new partner in the form of Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray). The two worked together on numerous cases before eventually admitting their feelings for one another and striking up a romantic relationship. The two no longer work together as partners (due to being married), but they still see each other plenty over the course of working with one another in the NYPD. 

Jamie and Eddie getting together was a major turning point in the series, and for Ray, it signaled a significant change within how the series operated in her mind. 

Vanessa Ray got to work with new people once Eddie and Jamie started dating

In her early episodes, Eddie Janko primarily functions as Jamie's partner. She works cases with him, but that's roughly the extent of her role on the show. Once the two become intertwined romantically, things naturally change as she starts interacting more with the other members of the Reagan family. In an interview with The Nerds of Color, Vanessa Ray spoke about the change and how she adapted to it, stating, "When I started on the show in Season 4, I almost exclusively worked with Will [Estes]. He's an incredible scene partner and dear friend. As Jamie and Eddie's relationship evolved and when they finally decided to get together/married, my job had also evolved. I was working with people I'd only ever high-fived in the studio hallway. It felt like a totally new show."

Of course, the most significant shake-up since the two got married is that they are no longer partners on the beat. Instead, Eddie works alongside Officer Rachel Witten (Lauren Patten), and according to the actress, it's been a true blessing: "I got a new partner in the incredible Lauren Patton. It's been quite an arc looking back. Eddie's voice is bolder now at the dinner table and on the job. I like that." That last sentence refers to the fact that Eddie's now part of the traditional Reagan family dinners that take place every Sunday evening. She's certainly come into her own, and if the fates align, we'll see plenty more of her development to come.