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Avatar Fans Are Still Scratching Their Heads Over Spider's Role In The Way Of Water

The following contains spoilers for "Avatar: The Way of Water."

Around 13 years have passed between the events of "Avatar" and "The Way of Water." A lot changes in over a decade, so while fans are treated to the continuing adventures of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), there are new characters who get introduced. And it's clear these characters will play pivotal roles in the future of the franchise. 

Jake and Neytiri have three children together — Neteyam (James Flatters), Lo'ak (Britain Dalton), and Tuk (Trinity Jo-Li Bliss). The couple also adopts the daughter of Dr. Grace Augustine's avatar, Kiri (Sigourney Weaver). And while he's not an official Na'vi, Jake and Neytiri's children spend an awful lot of time with Spider (Jack Champion). He's a human boy who was unable to leave Pandora when most of the humans evacuated due to being an infant, and now, he hangs out with the Na'vi most days, acting like a "stray cat" of sorts. 

Spider plays a significant role in the film, getting kidnapped by Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang) and his squad. He then functions as a guide throughout Pandora until he reunites with the Na'vi toward the end of the film. Still, Spider's actions may require a bit of an explanation, and many fans are wondering what the future could look like for Spider in future movies. 

How does Spider feel about being used as a pawn?

In "Avatar: The Way of Water," there's a crucial scene where Quaritch is holding one of the children hostage at gunpoint. To level the playing field, Neytiri grabs Spider and holds a knife to his throat. Seeing how Spider is Quaritch's son, it makes sense he would hold a soft spot for his boy, but many viewers were left wondering if Spider would be willing to forgive Neytiri so quickly. 

Redditor u/AkatsukiSaix had an optimistic interpretation of Neytiri's actions: "I was initially under the impression she was only using him as bait and did not truly intend to kill him, hence why the light piercing of skin, and that after the fight she'll tell him that, but I guess that would've been against her character." Neytiri seems to hold a grudge against Spider throughout "The Way of Water," which is understandable. He represents all the horrors humanity brought to Pandora, and he's the offspring of the worst perpetrator of all. 

Some thought the moment could've worked if Neytiri showed remorse after the fact for what she had to do. But perhaps that moment will come in a sequel.

What will the Na'vi think once Spider's secret is out?

Spider ends up saving Quaritch from drowning shortly after his confrontation with the Sullies. While Quaritch wants Spider to stick with him, he swims off to be with his real family. But that doesn't change the fact he still saved the life of Jake's sworn enemy. And fans are concerned with how the Sullies will react when they learn what Spider did. 

Some believe it could cause a change of heart for Spider, with u/iHaVeNoLiFeY2K writing, "I'm just hoping that Spider will stay a good guy throughout the series and the Sullies won't give him a hard time for letting Quaritch live, and maybe the siblings and Jake will defend him from Neytiri when the truth comes out." That same user goes on to say, "I can see Kiri, Lo'ak and Tuk seeing her in a different light after what she was willing to do to Spider and they'd probably understand Spider's decision to spare Quaritch after all that."

The Sullies' treatment of Spider will likely play a big role in whether he turns to the dark side in a later installment. U/Bojackhorseman14 summed it up, "I literally turned to my bf and said why is no one asking where spider is when they were all together in the water. I hope the relationship builds, and I definitely hope they don't get mad when they learn he let [Quaritch] live." Spider's one of the more complex characters in the "Avatar" series now, which is why some believe he should be the new protagonist, and it's clear his turmoil will be further explore in future "Avatar" movies.